HOK New York Employee Visits HOK Hong Kong

Chelsea Cheng (HOK NY Interiors) recently came back from her hometown, Hong Kong, and shared an interesting story on the visit.

“During my visit in Hong Kong, I was given a chance to visit the Hong Kong HOK office. The office is located in Mid Level, Central, where you can take the escalator up the hill or take a few moments to walk up one of the few dated stone paths. Because of where the office is situated, it overlooks the city (Hong Kong Island) and the famous Victoria Harbour. I was stunned by the endless view when I walked into the reception. After admiring the view for a brief moment, I was given a tour by Gary Lai, Director of Interior Design.

“About 90 staff members work in the Hong Kong office. The office sits on two floors and they are both open to the same beautiful view with full-height glass windows. What impressed me most was to learn that the office is pursuing LEED certification for their recent expansion and renovation. The credits they will receive are based on the use of daylighting, reusing existing and local materials, and the office’s recycling program.

“The Hong Kong office works closely with other HOK offices globally. Mainly with the Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai offices, but also with San Francisco and many others. Their current projects include The Tamar Development Project which consists of a Central Government Complex, the Legislative Council Complex, and open space and two elevated walkways, in Tamar, Central, Hong Kong. It will also house the office for the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The target completion date of the project is 2011.

“It was fun to see what goes on in another HOK office, especially when it’s an office in my hometown.”

See all Chelsea Cheng’s pictures of HOK’s Hong Kong office.

  1. October 28th, 2008 - 9:13 am
    Steve Ma said:

    elsye i’m a little disappointed you didnt suggest she come up to meet your favorite blogger from hk…

  2. October 28th, 2008 - 10:15 pm
    Elsye said:

    Sorry, Steve. She visited the office before we actually met. And I didn’t have a clue to she planned to visit the office.
    But I thought it’s interesting that you both had a similar way of explaining the context of the office.

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