Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Market

One of the things I love about living in a larger city is the access to other cultures in terms of shopping, cuisine, festivities, etc. This past weekend Alyssa (aka Interior Bakerator) and I took a trip out to Mitsuwa Marketplace in the nearby suburb of Arlington Heights. Mitsuwa is the largest Japanese Grocer in the US. However, there are only a handful of locations in the entire country: several in California, one in New Jersey, and ours here in Chicago.

We had so much fun! We enjoyed noodles and ice cream in the food court, got some really tasty (and really CUTE) treats from the bakery, and stocked up on some authentic ingredients for Japanese cooking. There’s also a really fun book store, travel agency, and liquor store. It’s definitely a one stop shop. Check out photos here.

This week I will be trying out my Everyday Harumi cook book. I have plans to make miso soup, a soba dish, and onigiri. Wish me luck!

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  1. May 3rd, 2010 - 11:18 am
    Tom Polucci said:

    this looks awesome!Good luck in the kitchen!

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