HOK San Francisco’s Sean Gallivan and Paul Woolford on Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters Design

Last week Steve Jobs described plans for Apple’s new corporate headquarters to the Cupertino City Council, noting that the large circular building (there won’t be a single straight piece of glass), which would hold 12,000 people, resembles a spaceship and has “a shot at being the best office building in the world.” The new campus will augment Apple’s current 1 Infinite Loop headquarters, which was designed by HOK and opened in 1993.

Over the weekend, Mashable published a story on the design that quotes HOK San Francisco Senior Designer Sean Gallivan and HOK San Francisco Director of Design Paul Woolford.

Said Sean: “On the surface it does seem like a dream of forward-thinking product design and an environmental Eden.” Sean wanted to know more about how it would handle energy and carbon questions, how it would act as both building and campus, and how it would support Apple’s culture of innovation and creativity.

Said Paul: “The new Apple campus, with its woven system of supports tied together in a circular foundation and its cambered surface of glass, evokes the structure and geometry of a wreath. Wreaths by their very nature are symbols of welcome or closure. Time will tell us which wreath we’re being presented.”

Read the Mashable story.

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HOK designed Apple's current campus, which opened in 1993.

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