A Big Week for HOK in the News

Lots of HOK news stories flashed across my screen last week. Every time I saw one I thought, “I should blog about that.” And then another story would come and I’d think the same thing. Time to catch up.

Top Rankings

In the July issue of Building Design and Construction, HOK placed as North America’s #1 Architecture/Engineering Firm and the #1 BIM Firm (good to see recognition for the BIM efforts being spearheaded by Carl Galioto, James Vandezande and others!). Story…

Also this summer, DesignIntelligence ranked HOK as the #1 role model for sustainable and high-performance design. It has been a big year for Mary Ann Lazarus. Story…

Architectural Record on Vietnam

The landscape is rapidly changing in Vietnam. Tyler Meyr from our St. Louis studio was quoted in the Architectural Record story, “Is Vietnam the New Frontier for Architects?”

“They are in a very optimistic time and thinking about the future rather than the past,” Tyler said.

The challenge will be for Western architects infusing the country with modernity to also maintain the country’s regional beauty. HOK has an office in Ho Chi Minh City. Story…

Metropolis Visits HOK New York: A Place that Works

Metropolis’ Sally Augustin, who toured HOK’s Chicago office last year, stopped by to visit our New York office and talk to lead designer Rick Focke as part of her “Places that Work” series.

“HOK’s New York office is a place that works, because it uses all its resources, including the art on the walls, to generate insights for great design,” wrote Sally. Story…

A Sustainable Design Guide for Existing Buildings and Small Projects

Congrats to Anica Landreneau and the HOK DC sustainable team for their great work authoring a Sustainable Design Guide for Existing Buildings and Small Projects (a “performance based design playbook”) for the Department of Real Estate Services in the District of Columbia. This 140-page document is serving as a tool for the District’s capital construction citywide. You can check out the city’s news release and download a PDF of the whole guide. Story and Guide…

Metropolis’ Next Generation Competition Winners Present Their Design

In this 55-minute Metropolis video shot at the ICFF Conference in New York City, HOK team members Sean Quinn, Scott Walzak and Antony Yen joined Brandon Harwick and Patrick Murphy from Vanderweil and Eleni Reed from the GSA in presenting their winning Process Zero design for the Metropolis-GSA Next Generation Design Competition at the ICFF Conference in New York City. Story…

GSA’s Not-So-Little Black Book of Design Excellence

The GSA’s Design Excellence Program released what it calls “Black Book 2.0,” which it distributes exclusively to members of its National Registry of Peer Professionals to keep them up to date on the Office of Design and Constructions’ achievements. Focusing on innovative building envelopes, we’re honored that this inaugural issue includes the 270,000-sq.-ft. NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in Riverdale Park, Maryland, designed by HOK (above) as well as the HOK/Vanderweil winning entry from Metropolis’ Next Generation Design Competition (below).

Updating Taproot’s San Francisco Offices

PublicInterestDesign.org featured HOK’s “exceedingly low-budget” solution for the San Francisco office of the Taproot Foundation, just a few blocks from Union Square. The project was made possible in large part by donations from manufacturers and vendors, including Teknion’s contribution of new workstations and furniture. Story…

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