A Vision Realized: Free Bike Repair Station Opens in San Francisco Kiosk!

Around this time last year I posted a blog entry about the Mid Market Revitalization Charette that was hosted by HOK San Francisco. In a nutshell, a group of HOK designers teamed up with three other organizations to brainstorm ideas for reviving the neglected Mid-Market District of SF.

Bike Kiosk - The Original Rendering

One of the ideas revolved around housing a free bike repair station in one of the unused newspaper kiosks at a busy corner in the Mid Market area, in conjunction with a local bike store – Huckleberry Bikes. Well – it took one year, a lot of elbow grease, and perseverance but the Mid-Market Revitalization team is proud to announce the opening of the Mid-Market Free Bike Repair Kiosk!

Bike Kiosk - Now Open for Business!

Located down the block from the Huckleberry Bike Store, this kiosk is now operational for any biker wishing to tune up their bike, fix those pesky tire issues, or chat with the friendly bike repair person!

Justin Kelly of the HOK team visited the kiosk, and here is the action in his words: “Given that these are early days in its life and the weather is turning, I was expecting to see a bored mechanic, maybe someone there to pump up a tire.  My first impression taking Muni up Market was that there are a lot of cyclists.  Every time a light would turn green a new throng of a dozen or so would come rolling down the street.  The folks and their bikes were of all shapes and colors.  When I got to 6th street I could see that our kiosk at 7th was bustling.  It is not an empty relic any longer.  It’s reborn and very much giving life to Central Market.  Zack and Brian (of Huckleberry Bikes) were there, along with a 3rd mechanic, all wrenching on bikes and there were more bikers waiting in the wings for service.  Zack said that there is often a line.  They were jazzed to be doing what they were doing and their customers were smiling.”

Already a Line..!

The HOK team and its partners have also been working towards opening kiosks related to other uses – hopefully coming soon: an ‘artist-in-residence’ kiosk.

 Watch this space for more updates, and three cheers for the power of positive thinking!

Could this be the face of change in the Mid-Market District?

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  1. August 30th, 2012 - 7:35 am

    I agree more people should ride bikes. it is less of an impact on the environment and generally healthier than driving!

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