Cool Construction Tour of 77 Charles West Tower in Toronto

Yann Weymouth has collaborated with colleagues in HOK’s Toronto office on the design of 77 Charles West, Aspen Ridge Home’s high-end condominium development near the University of Toronto. Check out this UrbanToronto photo essay of the construction going in the 16-story tower. From the story:

“The building has garnered much attention on UrbanToronto for its high quality curtain wall glazing. Green glass, usually a result of high iron oxide content, is not normally appreciated around here, but the deliberate colouration of the glass and related spandrel strips here has received nothing but rave reviews: this is green done right.”

Image by Craig White via UrbanToronto

Weymouth mentioned the project in a recent “Tomorrow’s Project” interview on the future of sustainable design:

“Our residential/mixed use tower at 77 West Charles Street in Toronto, now nearing completion, is in a different climate, with wholly different uses. It is a teaching facility with luxury apartments above it. It looks totally different from the School of Music, but the apartments will be flooded with light and views, using glass adapted to the climate, shaded from low sun angles and glare. Its ‘style’ comes straight from how it works.”

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  1. December 16th, 2011 - 8:57 pm


    It’s so awesome to see your great work. I cherish the Redroof days. Thanks for the double-sided-corridor lesson. Long Live Lauric’s Norton!
    Love ya,
    L.E.S. the Bes’

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