HOK’s Facebook Workplace Survey: Results are in!

For those of you who filled out the World’s Largest Workplace Survey on Facebook, thank you!  It’s still open and collecting data, but since it’s been open a while, we are excited to share some initial results and pair it with some of our other research.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, about 6 months ago we launched what we called the “World’s Largest Workplace Survey,” to capture the widest possible swath of honest opinions about how people feel about their work environments.

Rather than approaching people through traditional phone or web-based surveys, HOK used Facebook to make direct connections in an informal, confidential way. We chose this tool because there are 800 million people on Facebook – more than any other social media site – and because we can easily customize Facebook pages to become effective survey sites.

We launched our Facebook workplace survey at  in October 2011. So far, we have collected more than 3,600 responses, mostly from within the US. By sharing and “liking” our survey Facebook page, HOK’s people created a viral approach that helped achieve such a high response. To incorporate more insight on strategies for corporate real estate and workplace design, we also asked CoreNet members involved in the organization’s CRE 2020 effort to participate in the survey.

Our survey measures demographic data such as age, nationality, industry and location against information about how employees feel about and function within their workspaces. Survey questions address issues including commute times, number of hours working at home, access to natural light and illness on the job.

After we launched a beta version of the survey, Cresa generously volunteered to sponsor the development and survey rollout.

Go here to find out more:  http://www.hok.com/thought-leadership/using-facebook-to-transform-the-workplace/

Or here to download the white paper:  http://www.hok.com/uploads/2012/09/17/hokworkplacewhitepapersfinal3.pdf


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