I Got to Vote About Eminent Domain! Did You?

Hope all you HOKLifers get out there and rock the vote.  Today, you can make a difference in your community – whether you live in a swing state and your vote for President really counts, or you have some exciting propositions or amendments on your state ballot.

Crazy long line in 35 degree weather at my polling place!

I was really excited to vote today – lots of cool stuff on the ballot.

  1. I live in Virginia
  • That’s 13 electoral votes of swing state.  I received more phone calls, junk mail, junk
    dropped off at the door, and visits from fembot canvassers than I care to remember. I also got invited to victory parties by both Obama and Romney.  So glad that my vote is going to make a difference in this election – totally worth the 1+ hour wait at the polls.
  • There is a proposal to amend our state constitution…and the amendment is about eminent domain.  As a planner, this is actually something I know about!  Basically, the question is, should the city be allowed to take property by eminent domain if the “public good” done by the taking is for economic development by a private entity. Hello Kelo v. New London!  Any planner worth her snuff knows exactly how (and why) she is voting one way or the other on this amendment.
  1. I live in the City of Alexandria
  • The city council election is hinging on a waterfront redevelopment plan.  Basically, the Planning Department passed a plan and then the community got worked up about it.  The views of the candidates on how to address the plan, the community, and the process, really played into my vote.
  • The schools in the city are not quite as good as those in neighboring Fairfax County.
    Picking 3 candidates for school board can make a real difference.


I’m excited to see the outcome of my election – national, state, and local!  Hope you get out there and vote for your passions. Unless you vote the opposite way that I vote…in which case, I hear the election is next week.

Happy voting!


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