Diversity Quilt (Part One)

2012 Diversity Week in St. Louis brought some fun activities to the staff, but the one I was (and still am) most excited about is the Diversity Quilt. 

The quilt, a scheme brought to life by Penny Malina, represents the “joining of small pieces of fabric as a whole allowing us to see how each individual square is integral to the completed quilt”.  The drive for squares began in July.  The Interiors group donated old (discontinued) fabric samples, new muslin squares were cut, and notions were provided.  It’s been wonderful to see the variety of squares that have been pinned on the wall, each giving some insight into the maker! 

The drive continues through November to have all squares collected by the first week of December (part of the Don’t Be A Square campaign).  It will be amazing to see the completed quilt (some of this has already begun, see below), to see the individuals that make up a whole.  If you are in the St. Louis office and have not provided a square, I encourage you to do so!  This quilt represents the diversity of the St. Louis office, and you should be represented.

Be sure to check back in to see more about the quilt!

Just For FUN section:

Just for fun, I queried friends on Facebook and Twitter to ask the question, “When you hear the word “quilt” what is the first thing you think?”  Some of the responses were:

“What the heck is my wife doing now!!!”
“Symmetrical patterns”
“Comfort and joy”
“A lot of hard work”
“Grade school, learning what words start with Q”
“Something that I need to finish…”
“Old” (as in heirloom)

So, what do you think when you hear the word “quilt”?

Interested in seeing another quilt by an HOK person and discontinued fabrics?  Check out Susie Becker’s (HOK San Francisco) quilt made from old fabric samples.

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