Diversity Quilt (Part 2) – The Squares

As part of the HOK Diversity Quilt posts, I’ll be highlighting some squares.  I want to share the ideas and talent that have come from this project; I also want to give others inspiration; I mostly want to show you that making a square is easy and fun!  Today I’m sharing three squares…each a simple idea basically using blank fabric squares and some fabric markers.  Simple says a lot!

Matt Lindsey (ARC Print Shop)“Tic Tac Toe”

1. Did you have any inspiration in making your square?

I loved playing Tic Tac Toe as a kid and I wanted to put my inner child in to the quilt.

2. Anything fun we should know about your square?

I remember planning quick easy games like this as a kid with my family.


Megan McClure
(Communications Coordinator) – “Take Me to St. Louis”

1. Did you have any inspiration in making your square?  I see your square is all about you, did you capture yourself well?

I chose to make my square about the journey that brought me to St. Louis. It’s mostly words depicting the places I’ve lived, plus the schools and jobs that brought me to those places. If you look closely, you can also see a running tab of my “what I want to be when I grow up” list. I’m not counting out all of those options just yet, but it’s safe to say the eighth-grade dream of a career in politics is no longer on my agenda.

2. Do you have a quilt at home that means something to you (something you or a family member made)?

My grandma was a very talented quilter who, among other projects, made coordinating quilts for each of her 12 grandchildren. Here in St. Louis, I have one of the last quilts she made… it’s a patchwork quilt made from polyester clothing scraps, and while it may not have been her finest work, I love it. It’s perfect for fireworks, parades, bonfires, picnics, outdoor concerts… it’s been around for a lot of great memories with family and friends.

3. Anything fun we should know about your square?

Well, I’m kind of a font nerd. My family has a tradition that at all of our major holiday gatherings (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter), we all sign a tablecloth that, through the years, has become a family record of sorts. The tablecloth was great practice for creating this square…


Reagan Branham (Marketing Coordinator) – “R”

1. Did you have any inspiration in making your square (rumor has it you make jewelry from Scrabble squares)?

I have an Etsy business in which I repurpose Scrabble tiles, so my square was an extension of that. I like Scrabble tiles because I really love the simple typography. Those tiles are classic, and people recognize them instantly. That’s a sure sign of great design.

2. Do you have a quilt at home that means something to you (something you or a family member made)?

 My boyfriend’s grandmother made him a quilt many years ago, and that’s in our house. We finally had to put it away because it was getting too much wear and tear from daily use.

3.  Anything fun we should know about your square?

I spent more time searching for the right background fabric than actually making the square. There are a lot of shades of beige out there!

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