ACE Mentor 2013: New Beginnings!

It was a little more than one year ago that I wrote about kicking off the 2012 session of ACE Mentor. The clock ticked, seasons changed, calendars were flipped …and here we are in 2013, with an exciting new year for ACE! A lot has changed over the last one year for us ACErs. Olive and Andy, ACE Team 3 leaders from years past have moved onto bigger things (Olive is now Regional Leader for SF, while Andy’s helping build a hospital!)

Which means there are big shoes to fill – and trying our best to do that are Jose (HOK), Jamie (Flack and Kurtz) and myself (HOK)… the three new leaders for ACE Team 3. Also new this year – a fresh crop of 18 mentors and an unprecedented 34 students!

It’s been a fun few weeks so far, and we’re already at session #8! Our ACE team has visited the project site adjacent to San Francisco’s Pier 39:

Understood what ‘site analysis’ is all about:

Learned about ‘bubble diagrams’:

….and taken a dive into the world of masterplanning!

We’ve already learned a lot together, and there’s still much more to do, see and understand! Keep watching this space for more updates on ACE.

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