Bruce Madsen Speaks at Australasian Revit Technology Conference

HOK’s Bruce Madsen delivered a class about BIM components at the recent Australasian Revit Technology Conference in Auckland, New Zealand (May 15-18). His presentation, “Transforming the AECO Industry with Massive Cloud Collaboration” discussed the dismal state of BIM content today and suggested ways individuals and firms could change the situation for the whole industry.

Drawing on research on building component manufacturers and software suppliers across the globe, he showed the many ways that free Revit® families are provided to users of BIM software. To address the issues of quality and availability of building components in Revit format, Bruce identified cloud-based tools that can be used to influence manufacturers, commercial consolidators and other BIM content providers. Using these free, cloud-based collaboration tools, architects and engineers can help eliminate the roadblock to design productivity created by missing and poor-quality BIM components.

Bruce is a BIM Manager at HOK San Francisco. His work in BIM – taking inspiration from Just-In-Time manufacturing – focuses on integrating Lean Design processes into everyday tasks of architects and engineers. Bruce joined HOK in 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from California State University and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.

For more information, please contact Bruce at 415-356-8718 or


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