re:NEWS: Opening Two More Kiosks in San Francisco

It has been nearly three years since the HOK re:NEWS project was first conceptualized, and this simple but powerful idea still lives on! July 24 will mark the rejuvenation of two new kiosks next to San Francisco’s Union Square. While previous reuse ideas have included a bike repair kiosk and printmaking, this one will be a pop-up museum of sorts, housing a collection of puppets from around the world. This project is a partnership effort with Community Arts International, the Union Square Business Improvement District, HOK and JCDecaux. HOK’s role was to reengineer the kiosks by creating and installing a display case inside the shell of the empty kiosk.

With Justin Kelly spearheading this project, the HOK re:NEWS team has been hard at work making this a reality. Over the last few weeks, the team has designed and helped put together the display cases which we also then fitted into the kiosks – photographs below!

Check out Olivier welding the display frame:

‘Beware of Dog’

Rebekah expertly manipulating the display graphics:

Here’s the display case next to the empty kiosk:

Part A inside Part B!

Phew.. it fits!

And here’s what kept Justin and me entertained on a cold Sunday – street performers singing Italian Opera:

Funiculi Funcula!

Here’s the team:

Justin: Fearless Leader, lighting designer, and installer

Olivier: Window designer, metal fabricator and installer

Rebekah: Graphics Coordinator

Adi: Installer and blogger

Casey: Metal fabricator

Chris: Metal fabricator

Also. Check out Community Arts International’s Facebook page here:!/kioskmuseum

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