The Kiosk Museum Opens in Downtown San Francisco

Ribbon ceremony at grand opening of the Kiosk Museum

The Kiosk Museum celebrated its grand opening in downtown San Francisco on July 24. A puppeteer kicked off the celebration, and individuals from Community Arts International kicked off spoke about how the project came to be and thanked everyone involved.

Partners on the project included JCDecaux, HOK and the Union Square Business Improvement District. Individuals representing each of these organizations also had a chance to say a few words, including Justin Kelly, who was the project leader from HOK. The kiosk was then unveiled in a Ribbon Ceremony.

The HOK team designed the case and led the installation of the street museum as well as provided graphics support. The project has been in the works for about a year, and was finally able to be made a reality this summer. The final product is a walk up museum located on the street that is accessible to anyone. The team included Justin Kelly as project manager, Olivier Santoni-Costantini, Rebekah McMenamin, Casey Visintin, Chris Gardini, Aditya Oruganti, and Marissa Bruce.

“It was great working with HOK,” said Elsa Cameron of Community Arts International. “The poster above the kiosk was wonderful, a perfect embodiment of a serendipitous encounter with something on the street. Olivier was so helpful and solved so many problems and Justin was so dedicated to making it happen. This committed team inspired others to be involved and has been wonderful.”

The Kiosk Museum is housed in two locations, one at Grant and Maiden Lane and the second at Stockton and Post. Both displays currently feature “A World View of Puppets,” which will run through November 5, and with puppets from around the world. Each display is different, so be sure to check out both if you can.

The Kiosk Museum has since been featured in a couple of recent articles: San Francisco Chronicle, Architizer.

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