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Ekaterina (Katja) Lichtenstein

Ekaterina (aka Katja) was born in Russia – in Ekaterinbug, which isn’t named after her – but grew up in Germany.

Katja loves cities and is interested in all kinds of innovative developments happening within them, including urban gardening, pop-up stores, geo-tagged data, and social networking. She tries to stay up to date by visiting public lectures and reading blogs. She is keen to incorporate innovative new approaches into our daily work.

At HOK in London she works as an architect/urban designer. Before that she worked at UNESCO in Paris. Katja studied architecture in Berlin and urban design in New York, which she still regards as her all-time favourite city.

But London is quickly catching up: Katja lives in Hackney, North-East London and enjoys sunny evenings in her London terrace garden.

Ekaterina (Katja) has contributed 2 entries to the blog:

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