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Kelly Bathe

Firmwide Marketing Manager Kelly “get it done” Bathe is a key member of HOK’s small but highly effective Corporate Communications and Marketing team. She came to HOK a decade ago, working first as a marketing coordinator in our St. Louis office. Over the years she has parlayed her incredible organizational skills into various knowledge manager capacities and now, among other responsibilities, is chief brand sheriff keeping us all in line with a whole web-enabled toolkit of fonts, colors and templates to meet our every marketing need.

Kelly is a project manager extraordinaire, having completed the aforementioned “brand center,” among other initiatives without batting an eye. She began her career out of school in the event marketing world on the agency side, then moved on to a stint in marketing with the local NPR affiliate. Of her career path, she says she’s always gravitated toward roles where she manages a lot of moving parts. After working on her 8th grade talent show, she told her mom that when she grew up she wanted to be “paid to plan things.”

That early ambition has worked out well for Kelly and swimmingly for HOK. When she isn’t being “paid to plan things,” she’s orchestrating on the homefront, where she lives with her husband, Pat, their two young children and one very neglected tortoise-shell cat.

(written by Jeannette)

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