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Pearl McLin

Pearl has been a city girl all her life. She was born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City. So it's no surprise that she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree and career in architecture at USC. She is currently the BIM coordinator for HOK Los Angeles.

If there is one thing that Pearl could say to you, it probably wouldn’t be, “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Yet that line from her favorite movie, The Princess Bride, is representative of her personality: dedicated, funny and intriguing.

As a Life at HOK blogger, Pearl wants to discuss design, the built environment, food and, most importantly, life. Her posts may touch on her recent experiences planning the biggest day of her life as well as her numerous travels.

When she’s not working, blogging or planning where to go next, Pearl is an avid snow skier (think Picabo Street) and chef (think Alton Brown). Her husband would probably recommend her baked mac ‘n cheese. This might have something to do with the pound of cheese it takes to make.

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