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Stephanie Spann

A structural engineer in the St. Louis office, Stephanie Spann is a self-proclaimed engi-nerd. She can’t get through a day without using at least two out of three of her calculators (one of them is bright pink -- her favorite color) and working on a spreadsheet.

Steph is by far the loudest person in the Structures group and makes no apologies for that fact. She spends much of her time trying to figure out how architects can ignore gravity and prefers to work with people who don’t sugar coat things because she certainly does not!

Steph has lived in southern Illinois her whole life and has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. She considered being an architect but loves math and the technical side of buildings, so structural engineering is a good fit.

Perhaps a little know fact is that many HOK St. Louis employees live in Illinois and commute across the mighty Mississippi each day, including Stephanie. She is very environmentally conscious and goes out of her way to reduce her carbon footprint on Earth through a combination of car pooling, taking the bus, and driving a fuel efficient car. Someday she’d like to own a Vespa and start a scooter gang, complete with matching jackets.

To say that Steph is obsessed with sheep is an understatement. Her dream job involves moving to Ireland, herding sheep by day and tending bar by night at a local pub. In her free time, she loves to blog, eat cheese, add to her funky shoe collection, and camp with her canine children, Bella and Riley.

Written by Chris Trowbridge

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