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Steve Ma

Steve is a self-proclaimed good “bad cop” senior planner in the HOK Planning Group’s Hong Kong office. He spends a tremendous amount of time in the sky traveling the HOKsphere to collaborate with other planners and designers.

Before attending Cornell in New York for his undergraduate studies, Steve lived in Washington, DC, Texas and Pennsylvania. He earned his masters degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He also worked in Chicago and San Francisco and, just before relocating to Hong Kong, tried the DJ life in New York City. Steve loves music, collects vinyl and might one day surprise us all as a music producer.

After a good night’s sleep, often a luxury given his busy schedule, Steve may shed his quiet, no-nonsense demeanor and, if you are persistent enough, dazzle you with stories of a safari trip through Tanzania or other adventures across Africa, India and Asia. He clearly is intrigued by learning about different cultures and the challenges of international work.

(written by Yiselle)