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HOK’s Dallas Office Hosts Graduate Students From Texas A&M

A four-year graduate studio from Texas A&M joined our Dallas office for a presentation and tour by a few of our office leaders. Their particular studio is entirely healthcare focused. Ben Crawford, Curt Parde and Darden Beckham led the discussion and tour.

Ben talking Students Students w Ben conf table

HOK on Campus: 2015 Career Fair Schedule

Join HOK's team of talented planners and designers.

For all of you aspiring architects, engineers, planners, landscape architects, interior designers, lighting designers, graphic designers and more: If you love design and want to work with great people for what we think are the world’s best clients (OK, we’re a little biased), we want to meet you. Here’s the schedule for HOK’s upcoming campus visits. If you’re on campus, please come out and introduce yourself! We’d love to get to know you.

Feb. 12
Stanford University

Feb. 19
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Feb. 23
Virginia Tech

Feb. 25
Syracuse University

Feb. 27
Louisiana State University
Savannah College of Art and Design

March 4
Harvard Graduate School of Design

March 5
University of Illinois 

March 6
Columbia University
University of Houston


Taking Charge of Your Career

Jan De Weer advises to not be afraid to self promote. Jan De Weer advises the group to not be afraid to self promote.

Stacy Krell talks to the office about career advancement.

In the first of a year-long Careers by Design series, Senior Human Resources Manager Stacy Krell talked to the St. Louis office about “Taking Charge of Your Career!”

The session is part of an office initiative for 2014 in which professionals from around the office discuss topics ranging from general industry trends, looking in depth at ongoing and completed projects and career development.

Stacy’s overarching message to the staff was the need to take …

Build it Forward

Team HOK with their student team leader Cassandra Team HOK with their student team leader Cassandra

On Saturday November 2nd, HOK Houston along with other members of the Houston design, engineering and construction community, participated in the second annual ACE Mentor Program Build it Forward event. The event was designed to raise scholarship funds for the Houston chapter of the ACE Mentor Program while giving students and their mentors an opportunity to give back to their community.

This year teams constructed convertible picnic tables that function as benches or a full size picnic table when converted. The teams built approximately 15 composite picnic tables that will be donated to local charitable organizations.

Celebrating James Klaiber’s 40 Years of Service to HOK


This month the Houston office honored James Klaiber for his great accomplishment of 40 years with HOK, YES ANOTHER engineer to join “40 year club!”

James practices electrical engineering and has good company in the MEP department… many of which are here for the long haul, like 20 and 30 years, plus!

Congratulations James and THANK YOU for your continued excellence.

Advice to Job Seekers

We just hosted a great group of Penn State design students who participate in a group called SEED.  One of the participants reached out to me afterwards to ask for job advice and how to stand out in a crowd.  I get asked this sort of thing a lot so I figured I would share here too. Please add any words of advice I forgot!

  1. Highlight real job experience if you’ve got it. Student projects are nice but real experience will set you apart.
  2. Take the LEED GA exam if you have the time to prepare and the money to pay for the exam.  Everyone says they are into sustainability, but the credential

Sometimes Oprah is Pretty Smart

…OK, a lot of the time Oprah is pretty smart. 

The reason I say Oprah is smart today is (once again) due to an article I ran across on CNN: “The New Rules for Succeeding at Your First Job.”  There are some great ones in here (like “never stop taking notes”), but there were a couple that REALLY stuck out to me:

“Think About Presentation” – Oprah suggests that you format everything beautifully.  I agree.  For starters, do not EVER give your boss something that hasn’t been spell checked and read to make sure you didn’t say “panty” instead of “pantry.”  She doesn’t want to see it, and she wants to …

New Job Via Blog!

There are many different ways to find a job opening these days.  Websites such as Monster or Career Builder are a available . Checking the company’s website is a must and don’t forget word of mouth.   Well how about this… new job via blog!

Dallas is looking for a Marketing Professional with 5 years experience in marketing for architects, engineers, or contractors(preferred).

Responsibilities include:

  • Gathers, inputs and formats information and graphics, proofreads text, assembles and binds proposals and other documents to support the Marketing department and office-wide needs.
  • Assembles, writes and coordinates proposals and qualifying statements.
  • Prepares materials for client presentations and interviews.
  • Maintains and updates existing marketing materials and files.
  • Maintains marketing/client databases and visual library.
  • Coordinates work with outside vendors, consultants,

To V, or not to V

star trek

We have entered the digital era and the use of Virtual Technology has become more acceptable and readily available.  As we entered the new decade – 2010, HOK FL has been immersed in the virtual world.

Upon returning to the office after the holidays, we were finally able to experience the new ACR (Advanced Collaboration Room) also known as the “Thunder” room.  The ACR is used for virtual meetings between varous locations and other HOK offices.  It is a sustainable option to business travel and  easily facilitates collaboration throughout the design process with the added ability to view the smiling faces of the meeting participants.

 We also had our first virtual Lunch – n- Learn presentation. Usually, the rep travels in from where ever, sets up, and provides …

Women Across HOK | Jan Harmon

The one and only Jan Harmon

I recently had the opportunity to meet Jan Harmon from HOK Los Angeles.  I was immediately struck by her thoughtful demeanor and kindness.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and an amazing smile to match it.  I’d love to kidnap her and have her around all the time!  Needless to say, she has a place to stay/visit any time she’s in DC!

Here is your opportunity to learn about Jan Harmon, beautiful, inspiring woman of HOK:

1. What is your role at HOK?

I am Human Resource Manager of the LA office and a member of the LA Management Committee.

2. How did you come to HOK and why have

Breaking Through Architectural Barriers

Little Beauty

Last week, HOK participated in the National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA) 37th annual international conference and exhibition.  As a part of the firm’s diversity initiative, HOK is partnering with organizations like NOMA to break through barriers by expanding the academic and professional horizons to a more diverse pool of individuals pursuing the field of architecture.

Attendees experienced an exciting and energizing line-up of speakers, including keynote presenter Gyo Obata, who recounted his personal journey confronting discrimination as a Japanese-American during World War II.

HOK hosted a special interactive planning and design charette benefiting South Side Day Nursery (SSDN). The exercise included visioning for a new, modern and “green” facility to …

HOK Chicago bike team


HOK Chicago Bike Team

A post from our HOK Chicago bike team captain, Agatha Wieczorek (3rd from the right), who has done a wonderful job of organizing our team:

We have 10 people on our Chicago bike team, some avid cyclists and some new riders who committed to this challenge.

Some people prefer to take streets, and we strategize about which roads have the best bike lanes and least vehicular congestion while the rest of the group enjoys their morning and evening rides along the arguably less death defying lake trail.

It’s a really great way to start and end your day. You’re not trapped on some mass transit system, sitting with strangers risking a swine flu …

HOK’s newest blogger?

If you’ve noticed my lack of blog posts in the last several months (I’m looking at you Blog Cop), I apologize. For the last 10 months or so, my wife and I have been preparing for our biggest life change thus far, and on Thursday, April 9th at 5:57 PM, Evan Tyler Sutherland came into the world, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at a healthy 8lbs., 14 oz.


As you can tell, I’m a very proud papa. However, I’m equally as proud to work for HOK, who gave me two weeks paid leave to spend with my wife and son, adjusting to this new lifestyle. One of the newest benefits in HOK’s human resources playbook, …

Why did you want to work here?

Flickr Video

That’s Joshua Bridie, a senior interior designer in HOK’s San Francisco office.

HOK Comes to Colleges Near YOU!

There are several upcoming career fair annoucements that have been posted to the HOK Careers Facebook page.

Check out the universities HOK plans to visit. There will be information distributed during these events — maybe even a prize giveaway! HOK people will be manning the booths to answer questions about what it’s like to work at the firm.

Keep checking back because more events will added throughout the upcoming months.

HOK's Career Fair Booth at the 2008 NOMA Conference

My lie about Greenbuild

I know. I promised to try and frequently blog and post pictures from Greenbuild. I failed. Not for lack of effort. More like lack of time. Maybe next year.

As I look back on this trip, the most amazing thing about this event is the people – a people inspired by change. Everyone is cordial, welcoming and friendly. Everyone’s looking for answers to the growing questions surrounding sustainable design. Many answers are provided.

With my first trip to Greenbuild in the books, I’d like to walk you through it from my perspective as an exhibitor and not an attendee.

Monday, November 17, 2008
6:20 am – Flight leaves for Boston via DC. Much coffee needed.
11:15 am – Flight lands in Boston. Tim Gaidis and …

HOK Careers on Facebook!

HOK has launched a new “HOK Careers” page on Facebook! Whooo hooo…

As a part of the firm’s ongoing recruiting efforts, we hope that prospective hires can use the site to inquire about upcoming recruiting events and pose questions to us about what it’s like to work here! It’s just another way to let the world know about us! Features on the page allow fans to discuss trends and topics using the Discussion Board, ask questions or make comments on the Wall, and keep updated about upcoming events.

If your a current HOK employee, tell your friends! Anyone who is on Facebook …

Inside the Designer’s Studio 3:
Selin Ozertugrul – Washington

On how she started as an architect at HOK in DC:

Flickr Video

And what she likes about the studio:

Flickr Video

Previous edition.

Why HOK?

While interviewing Michelle, one of the first questions I asked her was about how she came to HOK. Here’s her response. It was not the textbook answer one would expect. Take a look!!

YouTube Preview Image

This Week at HOK Advance Strategies, WDC

HOK Washington DC Office

Some of you may know that I work in HOK Advance Strategies, a group of specialists within HOK.  We’re a worldwide group that is embedded in HOK offices and located on-site with clients.  I’m part of the Advisory group and sit in the WDC office (in the middle of the interiors group). 

I and the people in my group are not your typical architects and designers (although many are trained as architects…others are MBAs, planners, landscape architects, social scientists, interior designers, etc.).  The Advance Strategies “one-liner” is: As a specialized, multidisciplinary group within HOK, the world’s leading design and services firm, the specialists of HOK Advance Strategies are leaders, analysts, …