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New Ocean Friendly Garden Designed for Loma Vista Elementary

Sean Robinson - Loma Vista School

Pictured above (from left to right) at the dedication of the garden: Sean Robinson (HOK), Jesse Doty (Clark Construction) and Ryan Shirah (Clark Construction).

Loma Vista students now have a new ocean friendly, drought-tolerant landscape design that allows for the capture of rainwater and beautifies their school. Many people from local companies came together as contributors to help this project happen, including several members of Clark’s on-site personnel and HOK’s Sean Robinson. After an old tree had to be removed from the property, the school was chosen by the Midtown Ventura Community Council’s “Adopt-A-School Program” as the recipient of this improvement project.

From augers to shovels and mulch to …

Q+A with Tom Polucci, Director of Interiors Based in HOK’s New York Office

Polucci Tom for blog

Tom Polucci, AIA, IIDA, LEED GA, director of interiors based in New York City, discusses how his colleagues and clients inspire him every day. He also comments on workplace trends and explains how design can support healthier work environments.

As a firm-wide interiors leader, Tom is a member of HOK’s board of directors and marketing board. He has more than 20 years of experience managing the design of projects for organizations worldwide. Educated, trained and licensed as an architect, Tom focuses on creating exceptional environments for clients.

What workplace design trends are you seeing? What do you predict for the future?

TP: Collaboration is still key. Everyone is focused …

Optimizing Design at BIMForum

I recently had the privilege to co-host the Spring BIMForum conference held at the Renaissance Waterfront in Boston, MA. BIMForum is a group whose mission is:

“…to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry. We will lead by example and synchronize with counterparts in all sectors of the industry to jointly develop best practice for virtual design and construction (VDC).”

James V's view from the BIMForum stage James V’s view from the BIMForum stage

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) was the founder of this growing group, but the AIA has also joined forces with the AGC in support of BIMForum’s goals. We selected the …

I am an Architect… Part 2

Couple months back, I am an Architect debuted.  After over 400,000 views later, these guys came out with part II.

YouTube Preview Image

Who do you think won?

Happy Monday! :)

I am an Architect…

“Oh you mean like Ted Mosby?”

Well ok no, not quite yet… working on that…

But, for those who want a quick explaination of what architects do, click on the video.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Monday! :)

HOKers Help a School in Peru!

Watch them say Gracias!!

Over a year ago, Kristy (HOK Miami) and I decided to book a trip to Peru… fast
forward to June 2013, and we have returned from 10 days of majestic beauty and
historical ruins. The tour included Lima, Chinchero, Sacred Valley of the Incas
(Urubamba and Ollantaytambo), Cusco, and Puno (with a boat ride on Lake
Titicaca and a visit to the floating islands of Uros).

Along the way to Puno we had the opportunity to stop and visit a local elementary
school. Prior to our trip we had collected school supplies which we were able
to hand deliver to the school children. Thanks to all of you that donated items and help put
a smile on these young deserving children’s faces!

The …

Time IS Money

Imagine going to a lecture hall that automatically transforms into a banquet hall with minimal human effort.

This is truly an option at the the Plenary Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Recently a guest from Australia enlightened me….so I am excited to pass this along. Check out this place out in action!

YouTube Preview Image


HOK’s Steven Danielpour on Specifying Sustainable Design

Why should we be concerned about sustainable design? Steven Danielpour, the director of specifications for our New York office, discusses what vehicles are available for implementing sustainable design and how to implement sustainable design in specifications documents. The presentation is from the 2012 ArchiSpec Summit in Henderson, Nevada. Enjoy:

An X a Day. TEDx Atlanta – David Butler

Check out this inspiring video of David Butler and his view of design from the context at Coca-Cola!

Pretty inspring message here about affecting real change. You can also read some more over at Fast Company.


An X a Day. TEDx Atlanta – India Arie & Idan Raichel

Leading up to TEDx Atlanta’s ‘Community’ event on March 13th, I’ve decided to ratchet up my posting to get you up to speed on the amazing thought leadership and exciting innovative conversation in the Atlanta community these last few TEDx Events. Mad-props to Unboundary for putting all of this on for so long and truly elevating the conversation around innovation and creativity.

I wont be posting much text, but with that I’ll leave you with the exceptional and beautiful words and talent of India Arie and Idan Raichel.

Navy Pier – More eye candy!

  Thanks to the awesome folks over at ArchDaily, there are some more shots of the !melk/HOK/UrbanLab submission to the Navy Pier Competition.

We’ve mentioned it on here before, and shown you the video, but we also wanted to point out that the full public presentation video is up for your viewing pleasure!

YouTube Preview Image

HOK-Designed JW Marriott Indianapolis is the 2012 Super Bowl Media Headquarters

We’re just over 48 hours from kickoff, and if this picture from the NFL Super Bowl blog is any indication, Indianapolis is ready for Super Bowl XLVI:

As we discussed earlier in the week, the HOK-designed Indianapolis International Airport is getting rave reviews from some of the 40,000+ extra passengers flying through it this week. We’re thrilled to hear about how Indianapolis leaders are using the Super Bowl as an opportunity to transform the city, and we’re especially excited that the HOK-designed JW Marriott Indianapolis is the official media headquarters for Super Bowl XLVI.

Here’s what it looks like in the off-season:

Airport Design Helps Indianapolis Make Strong Super Bowl Impression

Excitement for Super Bowl XLVI is building, and the Indianapolis Airport Authority and Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee’s preparations are already paying off. The Authority is prepared to accommodate an additional air-traffic load of 40,000 people at Indianapolis International Airport this week, with 75 additional commercial flights and 60 additional charter flights. Among the visitors are thousands of sports media members who are descending on Indianapolis to cover the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd raved about the airport on his radio show.

“They have a new airport in Indianapolis,” said Cowherd. “If you are …

Garden Plot-ting

YouTube Preview Image

Bet you never saw the subversive side of gardening. This evil plot really can change the world… well worth the 18 minutes to watch!

HOK’s Bill Valentine on What’s Next for Sustainable Design

As we look forward to 2012, we recently came across a video from Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto focused on what’s next for sustainable design. In this Greenbuild interview, HOK Chairman Bill Valentine talks about partnering with the USGBC for Project Haiti, designing affordable net zero carbon buildings and bringing new life to existing buildings.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Holidays from HOK!

YouTube Preview Image

Create, Inspire, Connect, Care

Peace not War! Well in this case, a peaceful war of Post-It art.

As designers we create, live, work, and play in the vertical world of cities so therefore we strive to provide a forum for public communication. More commonly a courtyard, park, transit stop or even the elevator is the venue of communication with total strangers of the city, and in some instances other co-workers.

Currently in metropolises around the world, windows are becoming this platform by being transformed into canvases of 16-bit characters of our childhood heroes and villains. So what’s the message of an urban battlefield created of mere paper images? In the video link below it is described as an opportunity for the …

Disney, BIM & the iPad

Here was a quick little vid from Disney Imagineering touting Building Information Models and onsite collaboration in the construction process. It’s something we’ve been really good at for a long time at HOK, but the use of the iPad onsite for quick video meetings or collaborations was the first I’ve heard of being supported in the process. I know here we’ve had lots of hope for more of this type of close collaboration with technology in the field!


TEDx Atlanta – Michael Ouweleen

On your lunch today, check out this talk from Michael Ouweleen from Cartoon Network. Hilarious guy with a lot of great things to say about creativity (without boring you). :)


ARE Vignette Practice Exams… on a Mac!

As many of you know… the architecture licensing exams are expensive, takes weeks if not months to study for, and everyone who wants to call themselves an architect in the States will have to take and pass all of them.

But they are still not with the times…

I found that out the hard way a few weeks back when I started studying for the site planning exam.

The vignette software that everyone has to use was built with tools from Macromedia, who hasn’t existed since 2005, and it only runs on 32-bit windows… At home, I have a mac without windows.  At work, I have a 64-bit windows machine. And neither can run the practice vignettes. So how am I suppose to study?!

Which then …

Design by Designers – Making Movies with Susan Henderson

I’m impressed with the talent here at HOK, always have been. We spend hours creating, designing, preparing and studying our projects – and then we come in on the weekends to make them better still. So when I learn of staff members who then head home to create more design, on their own time and dime, I’m naturally impressed. That’s certainly the case with the Los Angeles office’s Medical Planner Susan Henderson, who makes professional documentary films … on the side. Susan’s latest project, Be Prepared, is an in-the-works documentary film about a group of Kenyan Girls Scouts who’ve taken it upon themselves to educate their community about sex education.

That Susan spends her hours making film …

Create, Inspire, Connect, Care

By “Cars 2”… well Maybe.

An interview on ABC’s “Nightline” highlighted Pixar’s studio space designed for creativity.( – the studio tour starts about half way through this 6 minute interview by “Nightline’s” Bill Weir.)

 This place yields billions of dollars a “cartoon” and looks super fun to be at for 70 hours a week (sorry social life you may be replaced). 

So, maybe a hospital, airport, or even a federal courthouse isn’t as profitable as a feature film but can it be? If we could create architecture and the world that surrounds us in a place that harbors creativity, can it be?

I’m bringing a scooter to work …

HOK’s Paul Woolford Presents the San Francisco Mint Project at TEDx-Presidio


On Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, Paul Woolford, the design director at HOK San Francisco, presented one of most striking projects of this office – the restoration and greening of the San Francisco Mint, at the TED-x Presidio event. Paul spoke about the need for preserving national historic treasures, and discussed the importance of creating the most environmentally innovative National Historic Landmark in the United States, The Old San Francisco Mint, and the sustainable lessons learned that can be applied to all existing buildings.

Watch Paul’s presentation:

Guest blog post from HOK San Francisco’s Justin Kelly:

Leaders, visionaries, artists, and thinkers gathered on April 2nd at the Palace of Fine Arts …

Designers Protest Florida HB 5005 to Deregulate Interior Design

watch newscast

Florida State lawmakers are considering House Bill 5005, which would deregulate nearly 20 different professions.  H.B. 5005 originally deregulated over thirty different professions, including Landscape Architecture, Geologists, and Surveyors and Mappers.  Many professions were removed from the legislation prior to the Economic Affairs Committee meeting, however Interior design remains. Interior Design is the only profession in the bill which requires a college degree, experience, and a national exam.

As a registered interior designer at HOK, Kelly Betts has taken the opportunity to voice her concerns by speaking out at the Capitol in Tallahassee at the House of Representatives Economic Affairs subcommittee meeting and through the media on …

Insiders & Outsiders

I loved this clip on the new IFC show, Portlandia. I ran across it this morning on PSFK where they had some pretty great remarks about this skit about Julia’s first day at Wieden+Kennedy. (Props to W+K for opening up their awesome office). The office hilarity around culture and place in the skit did make me stop and think for a moment about what was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with that scenario (in terms of design). I didnt really come to any conclusions, other than it was pretty funny. As comical as it may be in the clip, the culture element as ‘place’ is actually something we cant always create as designers, so it’s fitting here as a backdrop to …

Indianapolis Airport Recognized as “Customer Service Champion”

We were excited to learn that, based on more than 300,000 customer service responses, Airports Council International has named Indianapolis International Airport the best regional airport in North America! It also has been honored as one of the USA’s 40 Customer Service Champions by J.D. Power and Associates. From the USA Today story: “As for the Indianapolis airport, it won in part because of its new design, but also for retail, food and beverage, check-in and an across-the-board good experience.”

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Airport Authority!

The new 1.2-million-sq.-ft. Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal opened in November 2008. HOK St. Louis’ Ripley Rasmus remembers the genesis of the “big idea” for this striking …

Inside the Designer’s Studio #43:
Net Zero Court

HOK’s team joins David Eijadi, principal of energy and daylighting consultant The Weidt Group, in describing the process they used to create a market-rate, zero-carbon emissions design for a class A commercial office building in St. Louis.


“The building itself is replicable, but, more importantly, the process is replicable,” says Eijadi. “It will result not always in the same solution but a similar solution can be found for any building type in any location.”

Find out more about the project at


HOK Impact: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

As we’ve seen in a number of blog entries in recent weeks, the idea of HOK people giving back to the community is nothing new.

Take, for example, last summer’s project in which HOKers built a new playground area for the kids at the Dewey School in St. Louis:

“People in HOK do volunteer work all the time,” St. Louis Architectural Technician Sarah Weissman said.

While community involvement is already a part of many HOK offices, a new group is looking to give the firm’s efforts a clearer focus.

Weissman is a leader of the HOK Impact Group, which is looking deeper into the firm’s community engagement. The group, according to Weissman, hopes to …

Inside the Designer’s Studio #40: Kimberly Dowdell – New York

Kimberly Dowdell of HOK New York (and Life at HOK) talks about The HOK Impact, a new initiative that is attempting to maximize the impact of the firm’s community service work worldwide.

Previous edition of ITDS: Tom Polucci – Chicago

Inside the Designer’s Studio #39: Tom Polucci – Chicago

HOK Chicago Director of Interior Design Tom Polucci talks about HOK Product Design: 

“The goal is to create products that make the world a better place, that are more sustainable and that are thoughtful,” he says. “It’s not just a chair, a table or a carpet. It’s really trying to achieve a new level of success not just for ourselves but for our clients and for the world at large.”

Previous edition of ITDS: Daniel Mills – Houston