Contributor Profiles

Aditya Oruganti in San Francisco
Aditya is part of the Strategic Accounts + Consulting group in HOK's San Francisco office.
Alanna Malone in New York
Alanna is a corporate communications specialist and sustainable design enthusiast based in HOK's New York City Office.
Andrew Mechenes in Chicago
Andrew Mechenes is a marketing professional in HOK’s Chicago office. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Andrew understands the importance of urban planning, architecture and not putting ketchup on a Chicago-style hot dog.
Bill Odell in St. Louis
Bill Odell has more than 30 years of experience in architecture and laboratory design and is firm-wide director of HOK’s Science + Technology group.
Chris Laul in New York
As HOK New York’s newest member of the Management Committee, Christopher Laul has been a key contributor to expanding HOK’s tri-state presence. With more a decade of experi¬ence in marketing and business development in the A/E/C Industry, Christopher joins five other members representing the strategic marketing efforts for HOK’s New York practice.
David Ivey in Chicago
David is the BIM manager and co-buildingSMART champion in HOK's Chicago office. In 2008 he founded a BIM/IPD user group for the Chicagoland area.
David Ziolkowski in St. Louis
David is a Senior Architectural Lighting Designer with HOK Lighting Group, the lighting design team based in St. Louis.
Ekaterina Lichtenstein in London
Ekaterina works as an architect/urban designer in HOK's London office. She was born in Russia, grew up in Germany, studied in Berlin and New York, and has worked in Paris.
Eva Garza in Miami
Eva is a senior consultant in HOK's Miami consulting practice, where she provides programming, workplace strategies and change management advice to HOK clients.
Fumiko Docker in San Francisco
Fumiko is a professed tree hugger, bay area native, and a project architect at HOK San Francisco. She is an active member of HOK SF’s Impact and Green Teams. When not hugging trees, promoting the 1% pro bono program, or urging her coworkers to compost, she can be found outside enjoying the bay’s golden hills, redwoods, and rugged coastline.
Gerald Callo in Houston
Gerald is an Environmental Graphic Designer for HOK Visual Communications based out of the Houston office.
Helen Gowland in London
Helen is a spatial design and change management consultant in the HOK London consulting team. With a background in both Interior Architecture and Psychology, Helen uses her knowledge and experience to help clients to develop spatial strategies and organisational change initiatives to positively impact an organisation's performance.
Isilay Civan in Chicago
Isilay is the firm-wide research and strategic innovation specialist in HOK's consulting group. Her highly diversified educational background, coupled with over 15 years of transnational experience covering most industries and all building life-cycle phases, gives her a unique perspective on how to achieve and maintain truly wholesome built environments. She is a published author of two books titled "Ways to Prevent Office Buildings from Getting Obsolete" and "From Design to Development: Go/No-Go Decisions."
James Vandezande in New York
James is a firm-wide BIM leader based in HOK's New York City office. He is a registered architect, author, and a regular blogger on .
Jennifer Cocker in Dallas
Jennifer is an Interior Design Professional as well as a BIM Coordinator in the HOK Dallas office.
John Gilmore in St. Louis
John brings the story of HOK to life for the world, literally. As a senior writer based in St. Louis, his words shine an intelligent light on the people, projects and experiences of the firm on the web, in print and in speeches given all over the globe.
Jordan Lambie in Toronto
Jordan is an urbanist, educator, traveler and writer. Originally from a small town in Ontario, Jordan studied urban and regional planning in Toronto and has since been traveling the world as an urban designer.
Komal Kotwal in Houston
Komal Kotwal is a Senior Sustainable Design Specialist in HOK’s Houston office.
Kristen Harrison in Dallas
Kristen is Director of Business Development for the North Texas region and works with the different leaders in the region to help grow their business.
Kristyna Borden in Miami
Kristyna is a licensed Interior Designer in HOK’s Miami office and HOK Product Design Ambassador for the Florida practice.
Laura Ostrom in Los Angeles
Laura is a Marketing Professional and part of the LA marketing team, an avid runner, brand advocate and sand volleyball enthusiast!
Mara Baum in San Francisco
As the Sustainable Design Leader for HOK’s global healthcare practice, Mara oversees sustainability implementation, research, education across the healthcare market sector. An HOK boomerang, Mara re-joined the firm in 2010 after an eight year “sabbatical” that included two masters degrees, a research fellowship with the US Green Building Council, a career in healthcare architecture, and a lot of really fun adventures. She is based in San Francisco. Follow Mara on Twitter @marabaumAIA.
Michelle Pinkston Ohle in St Louis
Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Michelle is a landscape architect in St. Louis who loves working with the element of our physical environment that is alive and ever-changing. She joined HOK to work at projects of every scale - and because she enjoyed arguing with Jim during her first interview and thought it would be a fun place to work.
Natalie Navales in St. Louis
Natalie works with the local and firmwide marketing teams as a graphic designer in HOK’s St. Louis office.
Richard Smith in Ottawa
Richard is a licensed architect in the Ottawa office and joined HOK in late 2011. Richard’s hand-writing is illegible without a magnifying glass, or at bare minimum, a lot of squinting.
Sarah McCallion in St. Louis
Sarah is a corporate communications specialist in HOK's St. Louis office, where she enjoys sharing HOK projects and thought leadership on the firm's various online networks.
Steve Henigan in London, UK
Based in the London office Steve is a Vice President and Regional Leader of Consulting for the EMEA region.
Steven Christian in Los Angeles
Always curious about different cultures and communities, ranging from across the globe down to what's in the local neighbourhood.
Susan Mussett in Houston, Texas, USA
Susan Mussett is a design professional in HOK’s Houston office. Being first-generation American, whose parents emigrated from Brazil and Great Britain, Susan has always been intrigued with the study different cultures the relationship between cities, politics and sociology. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a double major in Architecture and Environmental Design and a minor in Business Administration. Before joining HOK, she studied abroad and later worked with an urban design firm in Brazil. She is recently married and enjoys being a wife and mom above all.