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True Collaboration: Riding Cross Country

hok_logo_rgb_jpg_lgOne of the comments we hear a lot is, “HOK’s such a big firm.  Don’t you feel lost there?” 

Coming from a very small firm (I was one of eight there; here I am one of 2,400 or so), I ‘ll admit I was a little intimidated…but I’ve found the size issue is a misconception; HOK truly does provide great opportunities for collaboration that you wouldn’t find in a small firm.  In addition to having outstanding resources to help with project work (like the Denver project that used staff from San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington, DC or the KAUST project that involved up to 400 HOK’ers at one point in time), it …

Best Interview Ever

As I was writing about appropriate internet usage at work, I thought of the best interview I’ve ever done as part of my job with HOK Advance Strategies

Denver Summer: Olive Ho, Jodi Williams, Emily Golembiewski, Antonia Cardone, Elaine Kabala, and Navara Boon-Long

We were working on a program of requirements for a federal bureau out in Denver, Colorado.  Spending a few weeks in Denver over the summer with some of my favorite colleagues from the San Francisco office was pretty good in and of itself, but this interview simply made the trip.

A typical programming interview discusses things like headcount growth, need for special spaces, etc.  We were heading in to our …