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More ‘We’ than ‘Me': HOK’s Lisa Fulford-Roy Discusses Workplace Design in the Toronto Star

Thanks to Lauren Gibbs and Dale Pozzi of HOK’s Strategic Accounts + Consulting group for passing this our way:

Fraser Milner Casgrain, Vancouver

A recent article published in the Great Features: Ideas in Innovations section of the Toronto Star featured how new ways of working, along with changes in working environments, have promoted collaborative, effective team environments for many organizations. Several companies that have recently redesigned their work spaces are featured in the article, including those designed by HOK.

Lisa Fulford-Roy, HOK’s vice president of client strategy, stated that many companies are looking to implement agile workplace standards to reduce costs and space while also improving flexibility for …

Women Across HOK | Amy Roots

I just met a new awesome woman of HOK: the Planning Group’s fabulous Amy Roots, from HOK’s Toronto office.  No, I didn’t meet her because of a project or any official reason.  I met her because another awesome woman of HOK (Jeannette Thompson) decided that we should connect.  And we did! 

Amy at Dubai Marina

Amy’s about the same age that I am (we refer to ourselves as “tweeners” – not quite at the senior executive level, but well into our careers), and has been at HOK for about the same amount of time.  We giggled about how being in your early 30s is fantastic because it’s the “whatever” years.  Whatever you do …

Something to think about…

Where did community go?

Brought to you by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver.

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Link to video

Check out the new Jean Canfield video!

Preferred_ Canfield_dusk

The Jean Canfield Government of Canada Building, designed by HOK in joint venture with Bergmark Guimond Hammarlund Jones in PEI, delivers on the federal government’s pledge to embrace new technologies, methodologies, partners, and means of delivering service to Canadians. Thoughtfully planned, the JC building has revitalized an underused neighbourhood, uses design to reflect the local flavour of the community, encourages employees and residents alike to use the space and sets the standard for environmentally-progressive government buildings.

The following video explores how the design team successfully met the federal government’s objectives of sustainability, supportive work environments, and connectivity, and highlights HOK’s integrated design approach to the project.

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“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting…” – Dr. Seuss


For the second consecutive year, the Toronto studio participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Gingerbread Build. The design inspiration for this years house was the 2010 winter Olympics with a sprinkle of Dr. Seuss’ Who-ville.

The base is a sugar covered “Whistler” mountain with a competative skier making her way down the slalom course. At the finish line the Olympic mascots, including Quatchi the Sasquatch, Sumi the Thunderbird and Miga the Sea Bear, cheer her on! The house mimics a home from Who-ville painted in all 5 official Olympic colours and they’ve even included an Inukshuk marker at the top of the mountain to represent a guiding light for all our Canadian athletes!


All gingerbread houses will be auctioned …

Late, but not forgotten!

Halloween in the Toronto studio is always an extravaganza – never a lack of effort that is for sure! This year was no different; in fact some might say that this was the best year yet! Perhaps my opinion is biased since the Marketing team went all out, but judge for yourself.  : )


Marketing Team as the cast of ‘Star Wars’ – left to right:
Jessie Mendes – Luke Skywalker
Gabriella Adorjan – Darth Vader
Lia Oh – Wicket the Ewok
Kim Stockton – Princess Leia
Wendy Tam – Clone Trooper
Jessica Rowen – R2-D2

The accounting team also decided on a themed group costume and ended up winning the contest! Not only did they dress-up, but they performed a …

HOK paddles for charity!

HOK's Dragon Boat Team

HOK’s dragon boat team, Hell on Keels, recently clocked their best time of 2:21.59 during the Annual Great White North Dragon Boat Challenge, placing fifth overall in their division.

The race was in support of the YMCA of Greater Toronto, which serves 150,000 people of all ages in the Greater Toronto area alone. This year the race brought together 5,000 participants who helped the foundation achieve their goal of raising $150,000!

Congratulations to the following HOKers who participated in the event:
Catlin Turner
Deborah Sperry
Gordon Stratford
Heather Spithoff
James Janzer
Jozef Pilasanovic
Mounia Matta
Shahrazad Davoudi
Sharon Turner

AND a special thanks to HOK’s team Captain, Laura Fyles, for her dedication!


Inside the Designer’s Studio 32:
Gordon Stratford – Toronto

HOK Canada’s design director talks about the Edmonton Clinic.

“Our client, the University of Alberta, has asked us to help them change the world of health and wellness. So it’s not a small goal in any way, shape or form.”

YouTube Preview Image

In this next clip Gordon talks about topics ranging from why he is a designer to his team’s design process. “The client holds the secret,” he says. “What makes a really great piece of design is when the actual people who are making use of that design are living and working within it and they are completely enjoying their lives — they are being productive and effective. That is when the design is truly successful — when they are engaged.”

YouTube Preview Image

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Peter and Adam back from Toronto

Our friends in architecture, Peter Schefcick and Adam Spitz, are back from their meetings in Toronto, and have brought back priceless gifts for Dorota. Way to go, guys.

Justin, Janet, and Todd: Your mission is now to post an image with the equally stereotypical ‘ATL’ written on it. Be on the lookout!!

Inside the Designer’s Studio 1:
Gordon Stratford – Toronto

Janet posted rock and roll Gordon Stratford here, right below this post.

Yes, this is the same reflective, deep thinking guy who also can belt out a Simple Minds song as comfortably as lead singer Jim Kerr:

Flickr Video.