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A Christmas Gift from Generations Past

Sal Gimbert, a structural engineering technician in our St. Louis office, posted this photo on Facebook the other day. Shared here, with her permission:

Using my grandfather’s (Alexander F. Newlands) slide rule this afternoon to get some work done from home. My mother and my grandmother passed it on to me as a Christmas gift this year. He was a civil engineer and ambidextrous. I never knew him, as he passed when my mother was two years old, but I feel influenced by him daily. Beauty in the smallest things. Powerful moment for me. Happy Holidays all!

Happy Holidays from HOK!

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…And to All a LEED Night…

HOK St. Louis Senior Project Manager and SVP Dennis Laflen, a 42-year veteran of HOK (he joined the firm when he was 19), just passed the LEED Green Associate exam! To celebrate this momentous occasion, St. Louis Sustainable Design Leader Tim Gaidis, who has been leading the office’s LEED credentialing charge, composed a new version of the classic Christmas poem. Thanks to Tim for letting us share his office-wide email with the world and to Megan McClure for the Photoshoppery. Most of all: Congratulations Dennis! You are an inspiration.

Here’s Tim’s poem…
From: Tim Gaidis
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 6:44 PM
To: _NC STL …

Happy Holidays from HOK!

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This holiday season, we are drawn to the uplifting stories of individuals whose resilience is an inspiration.

Our 2009 holiday e-card honors the creative spirit of Andrew Reach, an HOK architect whose career took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with a debilitating spine disease. Today, Andrew is an accomplished digital artist whose work inspires all of us.

Sometimes, adversity illuminates a new path.

Here’s to the new decade

We Wish You a Tacky Christmas

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Blinking plastic lawn ornaments. Meticulously mismatched light displays. Giant inflatable cartoon characters.

No doubt about it…it’s Christmastime in Midwest America!

A global recession or energy crisis isn’t about to deter my fellow Missourians from publicly expressing their holiday spirit (brash or gaudy as it might be). Anything and everything is fair game…EVEN a Nativity scene (provided, of course, that it doesn’t detract from the overall curb appeal).

Hope you enjoy this video compilation of some of my favorite holiday home displays.

Giant snowmen invade London!

Giant snowmen invade London!

I have been meaning to share this photo with you guys for weeks now, sorry for the tardiness. But that Christmas is approaching fast it is even more appropriate! This year Carnaby Street in London (which is opposite the HOK London office) have surpassed themselves with their Christmas decorations – I absolutely love them and have spent many a few minutes standing in the street marvelling at them! It’s not often you get tasteful and funky Christmas decorations.

For those of you who are not UK-based you may have heard of Carnaby Street has it was was popular hippies and Mods in the 1960s. During that period many independent fashion …