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Diversity Quilt (Part One)

2012 Diversity Week in St. Louis brought some fun activities to the staff, but the one I was (and still am) most excited about is the Diversity Quilt. 

The quilt, a scheme brought to life by Penny Malina, represents the “joining of small pieces of fabric as a whole allowing us to see how each individual square is integral to the completed quilt”.  The drive for squares began in July.  The Interiors group donated old (discontinued) fabric samples, new muslin squares were cut, and notions were provided.  It’s been wonderful to see …

Clean Up, Craft, Go Green

Greeting Card Collage

Today a bunch of people at the HOK WDC office are switching desks, which has inspired me to straighten up mine a bit.  I found a bunch of old holiday cards (fewer than years past, as many companies are switching to e-cards!).  I was going to throw them in the recycling pile, but I remembered a website passed on by a friend: St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Card Recycling Program

This program takes the front piece of used greeting cards to create a new card.  The program is not only environmentally friendly, and a good fundraiser for the charity, but also helps the children express themselves creatively and learn the …