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Leaving Space for People too.

This is a short post I’ve written as a guest contributor for a friend at Otto. Check out other amazing posts on design and products at 3Rings!

There’s an intrinsic dilemma that all architects and designers carry with them: the struggle with the idea of control. We lose precious sleep over the often unknowable outcomes of our projects.

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An ever-present but less contemplated thought is the impact of those outcomes. While this also can be “unknowable,” designers can draw on evidence and research to predict the impacts of projects with more accuracy. From a business culture standpoint, we crave predictability. Yet, it rarely leaves room for growth, …

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Market

One of the things I love about living in a larger city is the access to other cultures in terms of shopping, cuisine, festivities, etc. This past weekend Alyssa (aka Interior Bakerator) and I took a trip out to Mitsuwa Marketplace in the nearby suburb of Arlington Heights. Mitsuwa is the largest Japanese Grocer in the US. However, there are only a handful of locations in the entire country: several in California, one in New Jersey, and ours here in Chicago.

We had so much fun! We enjoyed noodles and ice cream in the food court, got some really tasty (and really CUTE) treats from the bakery, and stocked up on …

The Cutting Edge of Knowledge

TED homepage

I was chatting with one of my colleagues today (via email), and without getting into any detail as to the specifics of our conversation, I want to springboard this post off of a thread where TED came into the conversation. As we chatted, it occurred to me that not everybody knows about TED, and if they have perhaps heard of it, they may not be exactly sure what it is.

Sure, TED has been referenced in a few HOKlife posts, but the big picture of its significance has been understated.

So what is TED? My response to my colleague was, “TED is an enterprise that hosts talks by those who are on the cutting edge of research and …