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Diversity Quilt (Part One)

2012 Diversity Week in St. Louis brought some fun activities to the staff, but the one I was (and still am) most excited about is the Diversity Quilt. 

The quilt, a scheme brought to life by Penny Malina, represents the “joining of small pieces of fabric as a whole allowing us to see how each individual square is integral to the completed quilt”.  The drive for squares began in July.  The Interiors group donated old (discontinued) fabric samples, new muslin squares were cut, and notions were provided.  It’s been wonderful to see …

Celebrating Diversity Week in St. Louis

I would like to congratulate chairs Donovan Olliff, Teresa Bridges and the entire St. Louis Diversity Task Force (Rebecca Nolan, David Chassin, Julie Donovan, Dianne Brown, Kelly Heet, Penny Malina, Maddy Reigel, Sherita Brown, Ben Wanichkunwiriya, Heather Lentz, Jeff York, Peter Mosanyi) for planning a phenomenal Diversity Week in St Louis! The STL Diversity Task Force is winding down its 2011-2012 Campaign – “Diversity is You!”

To kick off the event, the team started with one of the HOK’s greatest loves – food. The “Taste of Diversity” event included a variety of favorite dishes, comfort food or desserts brought in by individuals. The event was spiced up by adding a bit of …

Diversity Task Force STL

Diversity is an important role in each person’s life.  We understand diversity from things as simple as trying a new food, designing buildings in new ways, and knowing people who differ from ourselves.  Simply put, without diversity, life would not be like a box of chocolates (and really, who wants that).

HOK is certianly the type of firm the appreciates the dedication that people make to HOK, which is in fact what makes HOK the great organiztion that it is.  It is important to recognize the diversity of each of these individuals that make up the greater part of HOK.  To celebrate and enhance our diversity, as well as to show appreciation for …

DC Diversity Task Force

HOK is making diversity a primary issue by creating local committees to address inclusion.  The DC office’s group is composed of staff from various groups and segments: Architecture, Interiors, Planning, Advanced Strategies, and Graphics.  They are example of those committed to making sure HOK is reflective of its clients and the community it serves.  As a group we hope to share our experiences with our colleagues as well and create a community in the office environment. 

HOK Diversity Task Force makes AIArchitect! 

Here are some of our DC office activities: 

The monthly Pizza Club: where we share project progress, personal travel anecdotes and photos, ideas about community projects, schedule lectures, etc. …

Getting to Know the Neighbors

Recently, Jaki, Michelle and their fellow cohorts of the HOK St. Louis Diversity Task Force unveiled a scheme to get us on our feet and out of our comfort zones. An ingenious mashup of The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Game of Life and Lego, The Amazing HOKLife encouraged everyone to mix, mingle and learn about the diversity of our practice neighborhoods.

Here’s a video postcard from the event to give you a taste of Life at HOK in St. Louis:

YouTube Preview Image

Scenes from The Amazing HOKLife!

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The St. Louis Diversity Task Force concocted an exciting office-wide event blending elements from four popular games: The Amazing Race, Survivor, Lego and The Game of Life.

Designed to lower the barriers that separate practice neighborhoods, The Amazing HOKLife encouraged people to collaborate with members of other groups while promoting a deeper cohesiveness among the people and teams that form the HOK St. Louis community.

Armed with maps and instructions, 20 teams visited “neighborhoods” and gathered as many Lego pieces as possible to build the most creative structure to enter in a prestigious design competition (juried by HOK practice leaders, who are still deliberating…)

HITCongrats to our …

Breaking Through Architectural Barriers

Little Beauty

Last week, HOK participated in the National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA) 37th annual international conference and exhibition.  As a part of the firm’s diversity initiative, HOK is partnering with organizations like NOMA to break through barriers by expanding the academic and professional horizons to a more diverse pool of individuals pursuing the field of architecture.

Attendees experienced an exciting and energizing line-up of speakers, including keynote presenter Gyo Obata, who recounted his personal journey confronting discrimination as a Japanese-American during World War II.

HOK hosted a special interactive planning and design charette benefiting South Side Day Nursery (SSDN). The exercise included visioning for a new, modern and “green” facility to …