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I Got to Vote About Eminent Domain! Did You?

Hope all you HOKLifers get out there and rock the vote.  Today, you can make a difference in your community – whether you live in a swing state and your vote for President really counts, or you have some exciting propositions or amendments on your state ballot.

I was really excited to vote today – lots of cool stuff on the ballot.

  1. I live in Virginia
  • That’s 13 electoral votes of swing state.  I received more phone calls, junk mail, junk
    dropped off at the door, and visits from fembot canvassers than I care to remember. I also got invited to victory parties by both Obama and Romney.  So glad that my vote is going to


Today, I truly grasped the concept of “Power to the People.” Abstract from political, cultural and racial affliation, WE can all agree that the long established American political process culminated today into the election of OUR new world leader. The politcal process can oftentimes appear STATIC and exclusive. This process, however, due to a multiplicity of circumstances over the last several years, if not decades, has become more dynamic and inclusive, and eductional. I argue that this was and is a truly a radical movement. Radical in that we demand and expect significant cultural, social, economical, educational and ethical paradigmatic shifts.

Please read the excerpt from Wikipedia below:

“Political process theory argues that there are three vital components for movement formation: insurgent consciousness, organizational strength, and political opportunities.”

Can we approach OUR collective …

Political Dashboard

A great site that clearly breaks down the vote from state to state…what a night!


Lots of election trivia!

photo:  WIRED Magazine

Just a super quick post to link you to WIRED Magazines election articles…just in case you are not getting enough election content!

If the World Could Vote…

…these would be the results.

A very interesting site that illustrates a Gallup poll examining the entire world and how they would vote if they could. Which countries are pro-Obama or pro-McCain? It just shows how much the election in the US is affecting us all.