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I Got to Vote About Eminent Domain! Did You?

Hope all you HOKLifers get out there and rock the vote.  Today, you can make a difference in your community – whether you live in a swing state and your vote for President really counts, or you have some exciting propositions or amendments on your state ballot.

I was really excited to vote today – lots of cool stuff on the ballot.

  1. I live in Virginia
  • That’s 13 electoral votes of swing state.  I received more phone calls, junk mail, junk
    dropped off at the door, and visits from fembot canvassers than I care to remember. I also got invited to victory parties by both Obama and Romney.  So glad that my vote is going to

Political Dashboard

A great site that clearly breaks down the vote from state to state…what a night!


Lots of election trivia!

photo:  WIRED Magazine

Just a super quick post to link you to WIRED Magazines election articles…just in case you are not getting enough election content!

If the World Could Vote…

…these would be the results.

A very interesting site that illustrates a Gallup poll examining the entire world and how they would vote if they could. Which countries are pro-Obama or pro-McCain? It just shows how much the election in the US is affecting us all.