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What Do You Do Online?

Like most of you, I tend to be limited with free time.  Having added a child to my family (a year ago today, Happy Birthday girlie), I’ve found many of the things I used to enjoy limited in some fashion or just replaced with new and fun activities with the little one.  One of the things I had enjoyed pre-baby was reading.  Then the little one came along and it was as if my brain turned to mush.  Difficulty came with not only finding time to read, but with committing to memory any part of the paragraph I had just read.  I let reading fall by the wayside assuming I’d pick up where I left off …

Want to Know the Secret?

That’s right – all the secrets of Life@HOK (and the rest of our social media) will be revealed…and YOU can be there to find out what they are!

Next week, SMPS DC is hosting a roundtable: Building Engagement: Social Media Strategies to Influence Brand  Perception& Positioning.  As you might have guessed, yours truly will be presenting (along with a couple of other fabulous folks).

The session will be moderated by Judy Schriener, and will feature several speakers, including myself and Kate Kirkpatrick from Gensler. My presentation will focus on Life@HOK – how it got started, how we are maintaining momentum, and how it has changed our marketing and general internet presence (Work+Place will …

Mastering Revit

In my ‘spare’ time over the past few months I have been co-authoring a book…a really big book! Before I left my previous employer, I was approached by Eddy Krygiel and Phil Read to join forces and completely rewrite Mastering Revit Architecture (published by Wiley). You don’t know what sleep deprivation really is until you try to take on a new job, maintain a family and write (1/3 of) a 1,000 page book. Despite the seemingly endless late nights pounding away at the laptop, I am really excited about the compilation of content. Eddy, Phil and I have seen just about everything in the BIM world over the past 10 years and we poured as much of it as we …

Women Across HOK | Sheila Cahnman


As we continue on with our Women of HOK series, we’re staying up north, but jumping from Toronto to Chicago to visit with Sheila Cahnman.

Sheila Cahnman has been with HOK only 5 years, but during her tenure here she has become a major contributor.

Her expertise in healthcare architecture has furthered HOK’s practice in that market and her extensive writing and lecturing has brought a rigor to projects.

One of Chicago’s Group Vice Presidents, Sheila has left an indelible mark on every project she’s been a part of.  Her work revolves around people, their environment, and the role design can play in bettering people’s lives.

Outside of the office, Sheila is …

The Social Media Quandary

By now we’re all firmly entrenched in the social media battlefield. Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogging, micro-blogging, and on and on and on. Although many people turn to these tools as the answer to their marekting prayers, Eric Karjaluoto over at suggests that we should instead be looking at these tools as exactly that….tools. You can’t build a building with tools alone; you need materials (i.e., your products and/or service) to complete the job. And if those materials aren’t top quality, the building will eventually fall apart. To summarize, your products and services should be up to snuff before you start diving into the social media marketing world.

I don’t necessarily agree with …

Using Social Networking for Social Good

I’m a huge fan of Facebook and all the joy it brings connecting me with long lost friends from all over the world.  And based on Facebook’s growth, many, many others are huge fans as well!  Interestingly, companies have realized this big time and are creating groups and pages for users to “fan” as they see fit.  HOK is no different – we’ve got lots of pages and groups showcasing our work and mission.  Go here for HOK Careers.  I’ve been shamelessly promoting The Green Workplace (our new book coming out August 4) on Facebook as well.  (Please fan the book, seriously, my publisher will totally love you.)

But here’s a thought.   With all of these companies vying for our attention …

The Internet: A Series of Pipes

So we all know that Al Gore invented the internet, which is a series of pipes, controlled by “the google.”  We all also know that the internet is an indispensible part of our everyday lives – both personal and professional. And that’s where it gets tricky…the division between personal and professional is becoming ever more blurry…and use of the internet on company property andor during business hours is one of the places that the blur is causing some issues. And what about when we’re being green and working from home?

For example, when I write a blog post, I want to post it to my Facebook page, where I have “friends” that range from high …

AIA does Facebook

The AIA has turned to Facebook to promote National Architecture Week. Let’s hope that’s not because they’ve sussed how much architects may or may not check their Facebook account ;-).

National Architecture Week (13th – 19th April) is a catalyst for public celebrations and conversations around the U.S. about the impact that architecture has on our lives. RSVP to the Facebook event if you want to join in the discussions.

Take a look!

Silver Lining for Facebook in Atlanta

I was speaking with one of the sales representatives for Steelcase the other night (Laura Howell) and she mentioned wanting to start a Facebook application for those who might have lost employment during all of this crazy-economic-mess. That way the design community can stay intact and close-knit with networking during these hard times.

She’s called it Silver Lining.


If you’re on Facebook and you’re a member of the architectural community in Atlanta, join up and be sure to tell them ‘John sent me’! 😉

Thanks Laura!

Rockin’ in the Office


Recently, music has been intersecting in both my personal and professional lives. Professionally, this relates to the discussion of whether it is appropriate to use headphones at work . The office was pretty divided (and yes, the divide was pretty much Gen X & Y vs. the Boomers & Veterans). Arguments against headphones were that individuals miss out on the studio chatter about their projects and can be limited in their professional development if they are constantly plugged into music. Arguments for headphones were that the studio can be a loud environment and headphones are helpful for concentration or sending a signal not to disturb unless it’s important. 

I personally tend to …

HOK Comes to Colleges Near YOU!

There are several upcoming career fair annoucements that have been posted to the HOK Careers Facebook page.

Check out the universities HOK plans to visit. There will be information distributed during these events — maybe even a prize giveaway! HOK people will be manning the booths to answer questions about what it’s like to work at the firm.

Keep checking back because more events will added throughout the upcoming months.

HOK's Career Fair Booth at the 2008 NOMA Conference

(Un)Social Networking for Food


I’m sure many of you bloggers and blog readers have Facebook accounts….and you’ve probably heard of how social networking is taking off.  But did you know you can now use social networking to get free food?!

On my way into work this morning I heard about a promotion from Burger King on the radio. Essentially, if you defriend 10 people on Facebook, you get a free Whopper!  Of course, your friends will know that you picked a sandwich over them. 

Note: this is not a request to defriend me, but I completely understand if you are really craving a Whopper!

Social Media Wizardry

No, this is not a class at your local community college. And it’s not a spell from conceived from the Harry Potter line. The Lifehacker blog just posted about a free application called Tarpipe that will make your social media interactions much smoother and quicker. So where now if you take a picture that you want to post to Flickr, Facebook and your blog you have to do each as a separate action, Tarpipe helps streamline the process through managed workflows and activities that requires you to send one email.

I haven’t tested the functionality of the application, yet, but if it works as planned it could save a monumental …

Greenbuild + HOK Day

Sitting in Boston for Greenbuild, I can’t help but think about all things sustainability-related.

This whole week, as I take in my first Greenbuild experience working the HOK booth, I’m going to try and blog, facebook, twitter, etc. from here. There’ll be pictures, videos, and my thoughts. Hopefully it will give you an inside look at Greenbuild.

This afternoon, more than 30 HOKers from numerous locations will meet to discuss sustainability issues on a firmwide basis and how to plan for the future at HOK Day. We’ll talk about sustainability in terms of design, people and our practices.

Making a difference one step at a time
We will also be discussing the 2009 …

HOK Careers on Facebook!

HOK has launched a new “HOK Careers” page on Facebook! Whooo hooo…

As a part of the firm’s ongoing recruiting efforts, we hope that prospective hires can use the site to inquire about upcoming recruiting events and pose questions to us about what it’s like to work here! It’s just another way to let the world know about us! Features on the page allow fans to discuss trends and topics using the Discussion Board, ask questions or make comments on the Wall, and keep updated about upcoming events.

If your a current HOK employee, tell your friends! Anyone who is on Facebook …

Via Jim Rice

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Jim for this…

Have you seen this yet?

It’s a video by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman that includes several interesting facts such as:

  • China will soon be the number one English speaking country in the world
  • If MySpace were a country it’d be the fifth largest country in the world
  • 31 billion Google searches are done each month, up from 2.7 billion in 2006
  • The first commercial text message was sent in 1992, the total sent each day now exceeds the entire human population of Earth

MIT – SENSEable City Lab – Biking

Todd, I thought you might enjoy this since your last post was about cycling and being cycle-sensitive (like Copenhagen). MIT’s SENSEable City lab has introduced a new initiative for Copenhagen called CopenCycle. The overall goal of the project it seems is to look beyond the questions of ‘what’ we should be doing and saying, ‘now that we are doing it (it being cycling) what are the implications on society and technology’.

‘Smart-Biking’ is about taking our innovations of ‘social technologies’  and advancing them toward a cultural and transportation shift, such as biking in urban environments. The ‘smart tags’ will provide not only a connection to your friends via facebook application to …