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Why Loss is Worse than Gain… and the Workplace Implications

I’m reading The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz and have just finished a chapter that describes how people react to choices differently, depending on whether they perceive them to be a loss or a gain.  It struck me as useful on multiple levels when it comes to providing choices to our clients and to the people who move into the spaces we design.

Loss Aversion

Schwartz references a study by Kahneman and Tversky who have done research on framing and how it affects our ability to evaluate options and make decisions… called prospect theory. The idea with prospect theory is that people feel a “loss” more strongly than a “gain” when compared with the status quo.  According to this framing research, …

Lessons on the Korean Culture and Workplace

I’m in Seoul, South Korea, with Korean gas company Samchully, helping to design their new headquarters building. This is my second trip to Korea, and each has been a pleasurable, humbling experience. In addition to having serious flashbacks from the movie Lost in Translation, it has been fascinating to be embedded in a business that is truly Asian.

With the ceremonial guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace in northern Seoul

The incredible cast of HOK people working on this project includes Ken Drucker (NY), Josh Schroeder (Hong Kong), James Mallory (NY), Phillip Luse (NY), Seung Lee (NY), Neil McClelland (NY) and Claire Whitehill (NY). I would be …

HOK’s Facebook Workplace Survey: Results are in!

For those of you who filled out the World’s Largest Workplace Survey on Facebook, thank you!  It’s still open and collecting data, but since it’s been open a while, we are excited to share some initial results and pair it with some of our other research.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, about 6 months ago we launched what we called the “World’s Largest Workplace Survey,” to capture the widest possible swath of honest opinions about how people feel about their work environments.

Rather than approaching people through traditional phone or web-based surveys, HOK used Facebook to make direct connections in an informal, confidential way. We chose this tool because there are 800 million people on Facebook – more …

How is Generation Y Transforming the Workplace?

I’m a hard-core Gen Xer. The year I was born falls right in the middle of the “sandwich generation” between the Baby Boomers and their babies. I know that it drives me crazy when people make gross generalizations about Gen Xers – probably because I’m a Gen Xer and want to break the mold. So, when I saw this CNN article about Gen Yers transforming office life, I couldn’t help but reach out to a few of them around HOK to ask for their reactions. What I found was a fascinating range of opinions…

Thales Rail Signaling Solutions Offices, Toronto

Stefana Scinta
onsultant, Washington, DC

I …

The Bird Factor

I sit in an open plan office (there are only five enclosed offices in our entire building – for the president of the company, director of marketing, director of ops, comptroller, and HR – that’s roughly 3% of the work spaces). From my desk, I have a lovely view of lots of other people, as well as out a big glass window overlooking the C&O canal.  You can’t see the canal from my seat – you have to actually walk over to the window…but, you do see plenty of birds smash into the window.

Our own Leigh Stringer contributed to an article in the Wall Street Journal: Indecent Exposure: The Downsides

Best of Work+Place (Episode IX)


Time for the latest update on great posts from our sister site, Work+Place.  This week’s “best of” includes:  

  • Interruptions! Susan explores how we are are own worst interruptors (case in point: number of times I have flipped to another screen during the writing of this post – at this point, three – and that’s not including switching sites to copy hyperlinks).
  • Is Being an Expert a Bad Thing?  Expert interior designer Mike shares about Knoll’s experiment with using non-experts (really experts in other fields) to design their new Antenna Workspaces.
  • Innovation!  Leigh shares a Wharton study about innovative thinking - and how collaborative settings are not always the best way to get

Taking on the USGBC, One Chapter at a Time

As many of you know, our own Leigh Stringer has been hitting the talk circuit pretty hard to promote sustainability in the office (and her book, The Green Workplace).  Last Wednesday, Leigh had the opportunity to speak to the U.S. Green Building Council’s National Capital Region chapter.


Following an introduction and update on the chapter’s activities by Executive Director Tom Mawson, and a thoughtful introduction by Laura Schonfeld (Secretary of the Board of Directors), Leigh took to the stage. 

Her presentation discussed the context for the book, AHA! moments she had while writing it, and an analysis of what is coming down the pipeline …

Top Rated Faculty Revealed

Antonia Cardone, Leigh Stringer and Jim Rice

Recently, CoreNet Global, the world’s leading corporate real estate and workplace executives professional association in the world, recognized their Top Rated Faculty for 2009. This award is given to specific individuals who have participated in developing and instructing CoreNet courses. Recipients of this elite award also must receive a 6.4 or higher rating on a 7 point scale on the course evaluation sheet based on their course knowledge, crowd interaction and presentation skills.

CreatingCorporateValueThroughWPStrategyHOK Advance Strategies is fortunate to have three Top Rated Faculty recognized for their dedication to teaching and advancing the profession.

Leigh Greens Houston


HOUSTON, TEXASThe Green Workplace Booksigning Tour made its long awaited stop in the Lone Star State, after multiple stops in St. Louis, NY, WDC and Chicago. HOK along with Hines and Knoll sponsored the one night booksigning event which proved to be a lively yet intimate green evening. The event took place Wednesday, February 17, 2010, in the KNOLL showroom and in the lobby of the recently certified LEED Gold Williams Tower.

Leigh Stringer from Advance Strategies Washington DC, was the special guest to present findings and sign her book, The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment and

The 2010 HOK January Retrospective: We Came, Leigh Signed, We Conquered!

Leigh Stringer signs The Green Workplace for January Retrospective Attendee

Yesterday, HOK New York had the pleasure of hosting its signature January Retrospective: A Talk + Book-Signing with Leigh Stringer.  I am pleased to report that the event was a huge success and our team has received fantastic reviews from guests and HOK leaders alike.  The HOK New York marketing team organized the effort under the leadership of Chris Laul.  Sharon Paculor, Liz Royzman, Alex Robb and I were happy to see the fruits of our labor so elegantly harvested at the end of Leigh’s fabulous evening, hosted at the AIA Center for Architecture.

I must thank all of the HOK staff who played a role in …

Women Across HOK | Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer. Green Workplace Maven. HOK Board of Directors Member. Loving Wife and Mother.  All Around Great Person.  If you don’t know Leigh Stringer, you are missing out.  A rising star in HOK’s Advance Strategies practice, Leigh has focused her career on green design and workplace behavior in facility planning projects all over the world. She is author and creator of the The Green Workplace blog and she has also recently published a book of the same name.  Even more impressive is that between clients, book signings and star-studded weddings in NYC, she still made time to answer my 5 questions so all of you could get to know her too….

Going Green in WDC

Not to be outdone by Chicago, HOK WDC hosted a book-launch party for our own Leigh Stringer and her fabulous book The Green Workplace on Tuesday, October 6.

Todd Pedersen, Claire Whitehill, LEIGH STRINGER, Daphne Kiplinger, Edmund Velasco, Jodi Williams

The event was held on the green roof of 700 Sixth Street, one of DC’s first LEED C&S Platinum buildings (designed by HOK, of course).  The building’s developer, Akridge, gracefully allowed HOK to use the roof deck (and downstairs lobby when the fall wind and a few sprinkles picked up), as well as providing tours of the space on the fourth floor (currently tracking LEED CI Gold!).  Food was …

The Green Workplace: in Chicago


Our very own HOK author extraordinaire, Leigh Stringer, was in Chicago yesterday for a book-signing. Festivities were held in the HOK-designed Allsteel-Gunlocke showroom. It was a great event with a wonderful turnout. Books flew off the shelf! Check out the photos here.

Why Labor Unions Are Going Green

Leigh Stringer interviews Tom Kriger, Provost and VP for Academics for the National Labor College on why the NLC is creating a new Green Workplace Representative Certificate program on The Green Workplace Radio

The National Labor College is in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the only accredited college devoted exclusively to training and educating union members, leaders, activists and staff. Turns out… labor is really pro-green, especially when it comes to re-tooling the workforce to be competitive and supporting local …

HOK in the Magazine Business

Tom Polucci, Clay Pendergrast, Rick Focke, Harry Lassiter, Sabine Bartzke, Sharon Paculor and I are hanging out in a conference room in NY with Contract Magazine, specifically, Editor Jennifer Busch and Art Director Steven Betts.  HOK is helping to create and coordinate all of the content for Contract’s July issue this year, and our theme is COLLABORATION.  We’ve got a mock up of all of the articles up on a wall and are looking at broad themes.  Summary of discussion so far…


HOK Lifers = Rock Stars

We all knew that Life@HOK was the gateway to greatness, fame, and fortune, but who knew it would happen so quickly?! Today the Executive Committee announced HOK’s newest board members…and, believe it or not, two of our very own were selected.

Send your congratulations to Tom Polucci and Leigh Stringer – two fun, fabulous, smart, talented leaders and the brains behind Life@HOK. And kudos to HOK leadership for picking some of the firm’s most brilliant minds!

Tom Polucci


Leigh Stringer

It’s that time of year again….reviews!

PDP form

One of the things I like best about working at HOK is the firm’s committment to professional (and personal) development. While we see this dedication throughout the year through various learning events (both in house and external), it’s never more apparent than at review time. 

Each HOK business unit does the review process slightly differently. Advance Strategies uses an online tool called the “Personal Development Plan,” or PDP for short. The PDP is a great way to formalize short- and long-term goals (honestly, I need someone to force me to think about it sometimes), gauge how you’re doing against your official position description, and measure your achievements for the year. It also …