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Diversity Quilt (Part 3) – The Squares

A continuation of the HOK Diversity Quilt posts … today we are featuring “all about me” squares.  We’ve found that each square represents the maker in a unique way, and the next two were uniquely made:

Donovan Oliff (Assistant General Council)“Donovan”

1. Did you have any inspiration in making your square (and what process did you use to make it)?

I wish I could point to something interesting as a source of inspiration.  To tell you the truth, I was a little intimated by all the stunningly creative people working in our office.  My knowledge of artistic media is limited to what I was taught to use in grade

Building an 88-Story Tower in 2 Days?!

Watch the HOK Model Shop craftsmen in [time-lapse] action as they create a three-dimensional model of an 88-story tower.  Kim, Victoria, Michael and Vince relocated to their new digs in downtown St. Louis a few months ago.

YouTube Preview Image

The new facility expands the capabilities of HOK to create three-dimensional models for building design, planning and site development, product development, custom crafted interior decorative elements, and full size mock-ups of building details.

Dr. Phil Graces Second Annual Green Elephant Exchange

Elephant Painting

You may have heard of the ‘white elephant’ gift exchange, ‘secret santa,’ or ‘yankee swap.’  The green elephant takes gift giving to a whole new level!

Similar to the ‘white elephant’ – where one contributes a wrapped gift to a pot, then each person takes a turn selecting from the pot or stealing from someone else – the green elephant makes the same idea sustainable. Instead of a store-bought gift, each participant brought a “found object” from home, a re-gift, or a homemade item, and wrapped it in a sustainable fashion (grocery bag, fabric bag, reused paper, or other recycled materials). It’s a test of creativity, and boy did HOK WDC rise to the …