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I Got to Vote About Eminent Domain! Did You?

Hope all you HOKLifers get out there and rock the vote.  Today, you can make a difference in your community – whether you live in a swing state and your vote for President really counts, or you have some exciting propositions or amendments on your state ballot.

I was really excited to vote today – lots of cool stuff on the ballot.

  1. I live in Virginia
  • That’s 13 electoral votes of swing state.  I received more phone calls, junk mail, junk
    dropped off at the door, and visits from fembot canvassers than I care to remember. I also got invited to victory parties by both Obama and Romney.  So glad that my vote is going to

20 Green Questions for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Mayoral Candidates

As Mayor Daley begins the end of his career in Chicago, some in the city feel that there is unfinished sustainable business that the incoming mayor should reinvigorate. Recently, multiple environmental groups throughout Chicago had a unique opportunity to ask the Chicago Mayoral candidates about their green views and the programs that they would implement.

WHAT WOULD YOU ASK? The questions can be found in the link below. (Personally, I would want to know if the new candidate would enforce the recycling ordinance, which I know my landlords are blatantly disregarding. It would be nice to see them hit with a $1000 fine for once.)

“Doesn’t Have to be Fancy”

I welcomed myself back to work on January 11 after only 8 weeks of maternity leave.  I wasn’t excited about coming back, afterall I now had to leave my precious new baby girl (Dani).  I was only relieved by the fact that I was able to leave my baby with my sister Holly instead of a random daycare and that I had a privacy room to use at the office for the purposes of expressing breastmilk.

A privacy room, so it seems HOK is following the new health care bill that requires employers (of 50 employees or more) to provide “a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from …

The World’s First High-Performance BOBBLEHEAD

Nothing symbolizes professional success quite like the creation of a bobblehead likeness.

Obama’s got one. The Beatles have a set. LeBron even inspired one as a Cavalier and another to chart his migration to Miami.

It was only a matter of time before our own Chairman and resident “less-is-more” pioneer — Bill Valentine — inspired a similar tribute.

Bill’s bobble is actually a new award to recognize exceptional examples of sustainability in action. It will show up at HOK offices worldwide, honoring individuals and teams for tangibly advancing the HOK Sustainable Roadmap. Introduced in early 2010, the roadmap is a framework to take sustainability …

President? or Ninja?

Just some comic relief for today.. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

The undubbed version can be found here

Are you committed?

No, this isn’t a question of whether or not you should be sent to the looney bin. Instead, it’s a question of commitment to sustainability and all of the wonderful things that have sprung from this movement. HOK Chairman Bill Valentine is so committed that in addition to driving a Prius he now has added solar panels to his own house (above)!

With Obama in office and the world’s eyes ablaze with everything green, it has become rather easy for companies to “greenwash” you into thinking that their service or product is truly focused on sustainability.

HOK, on the other hand, has been committed to sustainability for decades, with hundreds of sustainably-designed environments …

Inauguration Day in SF

Obama Street, San Francisco

As a DC/mid-Atlantic native, I was sure happy to get the heck out of town in the middle of January…temperatures here have been pretty frigid (despite that this happens pretty much every year, I’m always shocked at just how cold it gets). Anyway, I had the opportunity to head off to the lovely town of San Francisco (in the 70s during the day) for a meeting and a day of work in the HOK SF office. 

I was definitely disappointed to miss the inauguration and associated events (especially the free concert), but I did see some great stuff in San Francisco, beginning with my airplane ride (not nearly as interesting …

A Day in the Life of an Inaugural Junkie

So you probably got to see the Inauguration on TV or maybe even went. Perhaps you read about it in the paper. I have been planning my attendance since November 4, 2008, and had a handful of houseguests who joined me and my roommates to experience this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

For those of you who didn’t make it, here’s a description of what the day felt like from a local girl’s perspective.

Friday: I attended an Inauguration/Tree Hugger Happy Hour and my roommates friend from college arrived in town. We hung out at the Reef, on the roof deck (heated and covered, totally unsustainable!) and drank rum-laced hot cider, toasting the other local DC-ists …

…And I Feel FINE…

Seems everywhere you turn there’s a shocking disaster, an emerging scandal, or a fresh demonstration of our sputtering economy.

In response to the doom-and-gloom news that surrounds us, I created a light-hearted video that blends pop culture and politics with an A-to-Z glimpse at some familiar consumer brands. It’s backed by one of my favorite tunes from 1987 (a year most commonly remembered for Black Monday, the Iran-Contra Affair and the defrocking of televangelist Jim Bakker).

And so I boldly proclaim: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel FINE)

HOK’ers in Grant Park, Chicago!!


YouTube Preview Image

I recieved the below message today to post here to the blog from some of our fellow HOK’ers from Atlanta. Thanks Chirag!

“Jeff, Pat, Ami & I are up in the Chicago area for a project and were able to witness history live in Grant Park. The atmosphere and energy among the people was phenomenal. People poured in the streets early in the evening and did not move till after Obama’s speech. Chicago’s prominent Michigan avenue was shut down for traffic as huge waves of people moved through the city. Check out some videos of what we saw…”

Photos here

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Vote and you shall receive…

Obama or McCain.
Republican or Democrat.

Regardless of your political beliefs and affiliations, if you voted today, there are more things to be had than just the right candidate.

This site shows you where to go for some free “I voted” items. Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s and other retailers are encouraging you to “rock the vote” for coffee, ice cream and other goodies.

Check it out and your stomachs and wallets can thank me later.

Chicago pre-election jitters!!

Well, it’s the night before the election and things are definitely stirring around the Chicago Loop. Barrack Obama will be holding his acceptance / concession speach in Grant Park tomorrow night. I was sent an invite by email at 2:30 pm. By the time that I opened it at 4pm, all 75,000 tickets were SOLD OUT. Here are some images of Grant Park.  Now imagine 1,000,000 people crowded in there.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said he expected almost one million people to converge on the parkland and surrounding streets in order to be a part of history. HOK Chicago has been advised to VACATE the loop by 3pm to avoid crowds and street closings.

People have offered to pay as …

A recap of last night’s debate

Just in case you missed the final debate here is a good summary. Interestingly enough, it’s from the 60’s. RIP, Burgess Meredith, this is the only time in your career that I would equate you to John McCain. Whoops, did I say that?

YouTube Preview Image