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Diversity Quilt (Part One)

2012 Diversity Week in St. Louis brought some fun activities to the staff, but the one I was (and still am) most excited about is the Diversity Quilt. 

The quilt, a scheme brought to life by Penny Malina, represents the “joining of small pieces of fabric as a whole allowing us to see how each individual square is integral to the completed quilt”.  The drive for squares began in July.  The Interiors group donated old (discontinued) fabric samples, new muslin squares were cut, and notions were provided.  It’s been wonderful to see …

For a Rocker: Penny Malina and Jackson Browne

jackson browne and penny

By now we know from her Five Questions and Women Across HOK profiles that HOK IT Manager Penny Malina rocks. Last night she ratcheted up her rockitude to new heights by getting this photo with 61-year-old rocker Jackson Browne, who was in St. Louis for a show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. “He is such a cool guy and the show was awesome,” said Penny.

Jackson Browne STL

Women Across HOK | Penny Malina

Meet Penny Malina!

Penny Malina to the rescue… at least that is how I feel about Penny. She saves me from my “frienemy”, the computer (or technology in general), on a daily basis. Penny is an integral part of HOK’s IT Force… and the road that led here there is certainly an unconventional one. Her previous life / experience gives her the perfect balance and personality to not just understand computers, but the people who can’t quite figure out how to use them. (And, did I mention she is a major contributor to the success of HOK’s Diversity Task Force???) 

Penny’s giving spirit, positive attitude, and solution-driven thinking make this VP one of my favorite …

A Not So Trivial Pursuit

Working at HOK, we’re routinely given the opportunity to get involved with charitable and community organizations. Here in the St. Louis office, we’ve been working pro bono with the City of St. Louis and the Animal House Fund to create a new city animal shelter, dubbed the Animal House. The hope is that a nicer facility, combined with a better location, will promote higher adoption rates. The new facility will offer increased capacity as well as a more modern, humane environment for the animals. The design documents are 95% complete and the only thing standing in the way of constructing this facility is funding.

animal house aerial SW view

To …

5 Questions with Penny Malina

Penny Malina is a formidable force within the HOK family.  She sure is the “go-to person” in our office, and it seems to be the same story in every office! Her main role is as Information Technology expert, and she has earned the title of Vice President during her time here at HOK.  Her enthusiasm and expertise infects everyone, and, based on the answers to her questions below, you can see why!