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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Wins Hospitality Design Magazine’s Senior Living/Healthcare Award

HOK in San Francisco’s Donald Cremers recently traveled to New York to accept Hospitality Design magazine’s Senior Living / Healthcare award for Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital located in Singapore. The event, held on June 5, took place at the Grand Hyatt New York and honored hospitality projects across the globe in 18 different categories. More than 265 designers, architects, manufacturers, and other industry professionals gathered to celebrate the winners.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s premier medical hub, this state-of-the-art private hospital delivers world-class care in a hospitality-rich environment. As the flagship hospital of Parkway Pantai Limited, one of Asia’s largest private …

We Care: Christmas in HOK’s Singapore Office

Nasreen Jahangeer in HOK’s Singapore office passes along this report:

Instead of exchanging gifts within the office, each year HOK Singapore adopts a charity organization to donate presents to bring cheer to the less fortunate during the festive season of Christmas. We collect gifts while promoting the spirit of caring and sharing among each HOK employee.

This year we chose to buy presents for the  Tai Pei Old People’s Home.  Their wishes included simple necessities such as essence of chicken, milk, shampoo, body foam, a desk fan and a radio.  We are proud to report that not one wish was left unfulfilled.

We also participated in the Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box. The …

Q+A with HOK Healthcare Sustainable Design Leader Mara Baum

Mara Baum, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, came to HOK’s St. Louis office in 1999 as a young college graduate wary about joining a large architectural firm. After three years working on lab projects as an original member of HOK’s Science + Technology group and contributing to the first edition of The HOK Guidebook to Sustainable Design, her perception changed.

“I learned that you can’t put labels on an organization as large and diverse as HOK,” she says. “When you are working on projects, you are working with individuals and small teams. It wasn’t the ‘studio-industrial complex’ I had imagined. The resources and opportunities here are phenomenal.”

In …

Designer Profile: HOK Asia-Pacific Managing Director Riccardo Mascia

Roof & Façade Asia (December 2010) published a Q&A with HOK Asia-Pacific Managing Director Riccardo Mascia, AIA, LEED AP. Riccardo leads HOK’s offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

“My contribution to HOK has been to use my skills as a designer and entrepreneur to transform parts of our business,” says Riccardo. “I see my job as designing HOK for the next 25 years and there is no place more influential for that project than Asia.”

The story begins with an overview of HOK and its major clients in Asia, who according to Riccardo include “China Construction Bank, Banglalore International Airport, Credit Suisse, Greenland, Government …

Flickr Friday – Accenture Innovation Center

Accenture’s new Innovation Center in Singapore embodies high design and sustainability while reflecting the company’s mission to achieve cutting-edge solutions.  The focal point of the design is the color-changing “cocoon”, which divides the space into two rooms used for different presentation applications, simulation modeling and brainstorming. Check out more here

On the (Sustainable) Road | An Update from Singapore

GreenTeam Singapore

Hello, Hola, 嗨!

Welcome to GREEN TEAM Asia Pacific!  We are a small but diverse group hailing from Spain, the United States, and Singapore!   Paula, Jennifer, Larissa, and Joyce comprise our dedicated team working to educate, encourage, and implement sustainable practices throughout HOK. We’re participating in the firm-wide sustainable road map by incorporating “green” into our daily routines.

We have recently commenced weekly LEED study sessions to help our colleagues prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam. We’ve equipped our office with all of the proper resources including LEED reference guides and practice exams to maximize our learning potential!

We’ve also made an effort to stock our kitchen with recycled paper and corn products as well as eliminating all …

Going local


A shout out to the group in the Singapore office, as we enjoyed working with you and appreciate your hospitality-la! Sights like this motor bike casually parked on the street were some of the best parts about daily life in Southeast Asia. Mike’s photo made me think of this one.

Coming back to St Louis, I notice an increase in the number of locally grown or produced foods for sale. Cheeses, jams, veggies…maybe it is coming from Singapore, where almost everything has to be imported, but this seems like it has changed to me in the past six months around town. It is good to see and something I intend to support, …

Han Hsi: the Asian Tour

To me it’s a wonderful thing that in a time of economic insecurity, we’re still able to invest heavily in our employees. This week an employee from our office will be taking off for a good, hearty challenge – and boy is she up for it!

Han Hsi Ho, an associate-level urban designer in the HOK Planning Group’s St Louis location, will be taking off for a week in Taipei to visit her family and work out some visas and then she’ll be taking off to the Hong Kong office for about three months!


While she’s there she’ll be working with the Planning Group in the …

5 Questions for Prasoon Kumar


When did you decide to become an architect?

Early on in high school. It seemed like everyone I knew was studying to become a doctor or an engineer and I wanted to do something different. Cities always excited me, so there was a link there.

How did you jump from designing buildings to designing cities?

In India, at the time I went to college, they had just begun to offer planning as a degree course. There was tight competition process and planning was mostly a second choice for students. This has all changed and developed since then but I was admitted to study architecture and after two years of working, I realized I really wanted to …

New Design for Office Lounges

hello all
this one, more like posting something for you to see and enjoy,  is a request for all of you, as designers, architects and corporate office people to give ideas about the new office space!!! Singapore Office wants to create a different concept of lobby, more interactive, colourful, enjoyable!!!


I heard the Toronto Office Lobby is very nice… also Chicago is brand new right? Anything worth sharing? BRAINSTORMING please!!!
thanks so much


Distance of a mile

Landscapes are one part about living in Asia that continues to amaze us.  I recently learned, for instance, that about 75% of Hong Kong is green space.  And that Bukit Timah, a patch of urban rainforest just fifteen minutes from our office here in Singapore by cab, has more species of vegetation than all of North America.

Taking a simple, one mile hike this weekend, I began shooting photos of just the ground as it changed so dramatically from one stretch of path to the next.  Check it out here. 

To my North American eyes, accustom to taking five-mile hikes and not seeing as much, this was a remarkable diversity of terrain packed into one short mile.  …

Inside the Designer’s Studio 21:
Nicola Greenaway – Singapore

Nicola Greenaway, a director in HOK’s LEED-certified Singapore office, grew up in New Zealand and also has worked in the London and Hong Kong studios. She better not move again soon — her mother finally knows exactly what she does!

YouTube Preview Image

Previous edition

Weekend walk in the (Singapore) park

In some ways our weekends here in Singapore are much like our weekends in the States–catching up with family and friends, news, groceries, laundry, emails and even a bit of rest. As we explored around Mt. Faber Park this weekend, though, it underscored our amazement at how green this little island is on one hand and how dense with construction, industry and people it is on the other. Here are a few photos, most of which were taken from the park with connecting trails and vistas.  


YouTube Preview Image

Hello! I’m very happy!! This is my first post on the HOK LIFE BLOG and I want to say hi to all of you from the Singapore HOK Office!!!

In my first post I want to share a classic video with all of you! It is from the Eames office, done some decades ago, for sure a lot of you know it already… but still,whenever I watch it feel amazed by the power of those CEROS one after the other.

From the universe to the electron… does it matter really? What role do we play in this world? What are we doing here? And again… Does it really matter???

I think the power of this video is that it shows you how to relativize everything… cause …

Service project work reaches Indonesia

YouTube Preview Image

Go to Indonesia with HOK Singapore…check out this very cool video documentary of the Singpaore office’s service project with Habitat for Humanity in Batam, Indonesia, July 2008.

Night lights

Petronas Towers

This Monday was Deepavali, the Celebration of Lights, and with a three-day weekend we went to KL to catch the lights of the Petronas Towers.  During the day it is hard to believe they stand taller than the Sears Tower, as they are surrounded by mostly mid-rises and so the sense of scale is totally different than in Chicago. At night, though, they are completely transformed by the lighting…and there is some kind of microclimate thing happening at the top that creates a standing cinematic mist/haze. How to figure that one out…

mama shops

A short vignette on the phenomenon of mama shops from Singapore Architect’s online magazine.

Good Morning from Singapore

Getting settled into the HOK Singapore office after being in the St Louis office for the past five years. Our first time to this part of Asia, we arrived with the F1 and made a race track circuit of our own in search of housing. At first blush we have found the city much easier to navigate than say Hong Kong or Shanghai. For being such a small island it is amazingly diverse–only a short cab ride from the city center to a hike through the rainforest, free range silver monkeys included.