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Leaving Space for People too.

This is a short post I’ve written as a guest contributor for a friend at Otto. Check out other amazing posts on design and products at 3Rings!

There’s an intrinsic dilemma that all architects and designers carry with them: the struggle with the idea of control. We lose precious sleep over the often unknowable outcomes of our projects.

20121114 - HOK Office-248 small

An ever-present but less contemplated thought is the impact of those outcomes. While this also can be “unknowable,” designers can draw on evidence and research to predict the impacts of projects with more accuracy. From a business culture standpoint, we crave predictability. Yet, it rarely leaves room for growth, …

Simplicity/Complexity, part 2

The Laws of Simplicity

Originally uploaded by Ryan Heath

I did this design discussion/ presentation with our Interiors group at work the other day which dove right into the realities of simplicity and complexity. We quickly found all of our perceptions to be different for the meaning of both of those words.

I tried to address the issue at all scales from product design to archtecture. I was really inspired by John Maeda’s talk for TED about how humanity really does love complexity. He went on to hypothesize that we really like simplicity when it comes to work, and that when it comes to enjoyment we enjoy …

Paley Park, NYC

Jeremy Smith from Atlanta just told me about this ‘hidden’ park in NYC that I havent heard of. Looks like an awesome space. Austin, do you know of this one? For me, the ‘Bertoia’ chairs make it. :)

On another note, Jeremy won the free trip to ‘Greenbuild’ in Boston this year for taking the LEED exam! So congrats to him!

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