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Lunchtime Bike Ride

I’d claim that I took off on some great lunch time adventure along a quaint river road bike trail, but alas, I did not.  I must live vicariously through my coworkers these days (being 9 months pregnant is quite the deterrent to do much of anything).

About a week ago, my boss and avid cyclist Steven Crang took off at lunch time to catch a ride.  He did in fact take a portion of the  River Road Bike Trail that leads from downtown St. Louis to Chain of Rocks Bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois over the Mississippi River.  Today, Steven and avid cyclist cronies Ruben Aya (recently

5000-Mile Man

I feel like a proud parent!  Our little (er -giant) Steven rode 5000 miles in 2009!

It’s quite a feat if you consider the reality of it.  There are many of you that ride your bike, often to and from work (see Jodi’s post); but think about the actual number of miles you rack up!  I’d be happy if I made it to 50 (Tour de France is ~2241 miles)!  Also think about the conditions in which you ride your bike!  Not even cold and mild rain keeps Steven Crang off the double wheeled transporter!

To celebrate his enormous amount of hard work he brought in a Gus’ Pretzel (a St. Louis’ …

Perception of Engineers

Not too long ago, fellow HOK blogger Justin wrote about the perception of architects.  I rather enjoyed that blog and wanted to do a sort of counter/comparison with the perception of engineers.

For starters, I went to a search engine and typed in “structural engineer” images.  I was not surprised to see some rather silly images…but also a lot of construction site images…



The next thing I did was to ask around to see what the perception was of an engineer, or …

St. Louis Field Trips: Great Rivers Greenway District


HOK’s Planning team has participated in greenway planning here in the St. Louis area for more than a decade. Mark Vogl, Jeannette Thompson, Rachel Peine and I recently broke out of the office for a couple of field trips to take stock of how far the Great Rivers Greenway District has come in carrying out the region’s citizen-driven vision for a interconnected park and trail system. Though our own personal experiences using different segments of the system have been fantastic, our little tours still were eye-opening — the trails were busy and quite beautiful.

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Here’s a little video compilation of

St. Louis Bike To Work Month

They may not look like what you would first imagine. 

They may not look like anything TV makes them out to be. 

But they are . . .

the St. Louis HOK Biker Gang!

[It may be necessary to say “the St. Louis HOK Biker Gang!” in your best dramatic theatrical voice over; go ahead, try it again, I’ll wait]

HOK Bikers
[l-r: Seth Teel, Jason Kerensky, Paul Wilhelms, Derek Prior, Brett Kostial, Tim Gaidis]

HOK Bikers
[l-r: Jon Cohen, JoAnn Brookes, Bruce Brunner, Derek Prior, Seth Teel,
Brett Kostial, Matt Snelling, Jason Kerensky, Tim Gaidis, Mark Rosen,
Paul Wilhelms, Steven Crang,