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2013 Pi Day

Happy Happy Pi Day – Happy Happy Pi Day


Another successful HOK Structure’s Pi day has come and nearly gone as I write this.  As always it was an enjoyable event for all; we brought pie, we ate pie, we recited pi.    This was the St. Louis Structural Engineering group’s sixth annual event to celebrate the mathematical constant pi, an irrational and transcendental number represented by the Greek letter “π”.

To celebrate, we hosted an event inviting colleagues in our office to bring in a pie and participate in a “Best In Show” pie contest (and of course to eat pie) in addition to hosting the “most recited digits of pi” contest.  Winners were awarded with …

The Technology Behind the Glass: Yann Weymouth and the Structural Engineering of the Dalí Museum

“I love to design complex buildings with a public role, and try to make them look simple,” says Yann Weymouth, design director for HOK Florida.

Yann Weymouth (center) touring the Salvador Dalí Museum

Achieving this goal in the St. Petersburg, Fla., Salvador Dalí Museum was no small task. In this truly unique project, Yann and his team created a masterpiece that, while structurally complex, honored the intrigue and elegance of Dalí’s work.

This month, Structural Engineer took an in-depth look at the engineering that makes this structure work. From the iconic glass “Enigma” on the exterior to the 58-foot concrete helix inside to the attention paid to protecting Dalí’s masterworks in a …