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99% Invisible – Elegy for WTC -Buildings Speak

As a structural engineer, it was great to hear this podcast.  It was also heartbreaking, eerie.  If you have about 6 minutes, this is REALLY worth listening to (especially if you are a structural engineer)!

The link below is to a podcast that I listen to called “99% Invisible” done by an architect in San Francisco.  It is a short 6 minutes and is a recording of Les Robertson (structural engineer of the WTC) talking about his thoughts of his (and his team’s) design of the WTC structure.  Such a tough moment to listen to him take responsibility for the criteria used to design the structural solution for the WTC. 


The US has unfortunately seen a record amount of tornadoes this year, in fact a total to date of 1151 tornadoes with 875 in April alone.  Compare that to a year ago this time of 566 tornadoes (total!).*

Image by Dan Gill for The New York Times
Picture courtesy of  Dan Gill for The New York Times

It’s very disheartening to see the death and destruction that a tornado leaves behind.   The St. Louis area saw the Good Friday Tornadoes sweep through terrorizing the area and Lambert International Airport (see Gyo’s response to the airport’s damage, pictured above). Not even a week later, we saw the Tuscaloosa Tornado killing hundreds …

Lunchtime Bike Ride

I’d claim that I took off on some great lunch time adventure along a quaint river road bike trail, but alas, I did not.  I must live vicariously through my coworkers these days (being 9 months pregnant is quite the deterrent to do much of anything).

About a week ago, my boss and avid cyclist Steven Crang took off at lunch time to catch a ride.  He did in fact take a portion of the  River Road Bike Trail that leads from downtown St. Louis to Chain of Rocks Bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois over the Mississippi River.  Today, Steven and avid cyclist cronies Ruben Aya (recently

The Future of Cantilevers

If you hang out on Twitter, you may have seen a few Back to the Future tweets about today (or yesterday) being the day in which Marty McFly goes into the future!   I’m not really going to dispute that here (I honestly believe the actual year is 2015, and I also think it should be in October).  My whole point to this blog is about hover-boards!  For those of you that may not remember (or worse, are too young to know), a hover-board is a board much like a skateboard without wheels that was used in Back to the Future II.  It is, as it says, a hovering board that is supposed to be abundant in the near future.  I’m …

Perception of Engineers

Not too long ago, fellow HOK blogger Justin wrote about the perception of architects.  I rather enjoyed that blog and wanted to do a sort of counter/comparison with the perception of engineers.

For starters, I went to a search engine and typed in “structural engineer” images.  I was not surprised to see some rather silly images…but also a lot of construction site images…



The next thing I did was to ask around to see what the perception was of an engineer, or …