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Social Media for Designers – Survey Results

You asked for it and you’ve got it!  Many thanks to all who participated in the survey last month.  We had great response: 174 respondents over the course of a week. Full disclosure – this survey was created for a presentation to True Textiles, Inc; you may know them as Guilford of Maine.  The folks from True Textiles are truly smart, fun, nice, and have some kick-butt products. I truly enjoyed spending time with them – it’s not every day you see the CEO of a company dress up as Darth Vader and encourage employees to shoot apples off one another’s …

How Do You Use Social Media?

It’s survey time!  For those of you obsessed with surveys (like me), here’s your chance to offer some feedback. One of our favorite topics here at Life at HOK is social media – and we want to know how you use it.  This survey is geared toward designers and those in the design industry.  We’ll make the survey results available sometime in February.
Access the survey here
It will be open from today through next Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 5:30 pm Eastern.

Thanks for participating!

Surveys are Fun!


Life@HOK readers, I know you have opinions…..and today, I need them.  We’re doing a quick survey to learn some more about what YOU are looking for in the hospitality industry.  Who doesn’t have an opinion about hotels?!

Take five minutes and take the survey – tell me what YOU think about hospitality. Our guess is that we’re going to get some very interesting results… Please help us out! There’s no registration necessary. Please click below, take the survey, and spread the word to others!  Survey is open through Friday, July 2, 2010.


You know you want to…

Architect posts Salary Survey results

Architect magazine posts its 3rd annual Salary Survey results in a nifty, graphically pleasing slide show. My favorite slide is where they compare compensation by regions and tell unlicensed architects to STEER CLEAR of the South Atlantic! In general, people make more the longer they work, smaller firms pay less overall than larger firms, but smaller firm employees may be more satisfied with their jobs. Larger firm employees feel more strongly their firms are industry leaders (for obvious reasons, I suppose).  It is always interesting to see a survey like this, though there were only 1392 respondents to this survey and it was a self-selecting sample, so I am not sure how conclusive this is. For entertainment purposes only!