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Best of Work+Place (Episode IX)


Time for the latest update on great posts from our sister site, Work+Place.  This week’s “best of” includes:  

  • Interruptions! Susan explores how we are are own worst interruptors (case in point: number of times I have flipped to another screen during the writing of this post – at this point, three – and that’s not including switching sites to copy hyperlinks).
  • Is Being an Expert a Bad Thing?  Expert interior designer Mike shares about Knoll’s experiment with using non-experts (really experts in other fields) to design their new Antenna Workspaces.
  • Innovation!  Leigh shares a Wharton study about innovative thinking - and how collaborative settings are not always the best way to get

Women Across HOK | Sheila Cahnman


As we continue on with our Women of HOK series, we’re staying up north, but jumping from Toronto to Chicago to visit with Sheila Cahnman.

Sheila Cahnman has been with HOK only 5 years, but during her tenure here she has become a major contributor.

Her expertise in healthcare architecture has furthered HOK’s practice in that market and her extensive writing and lecturing has brought a rigor to projects.

One of Chicago’s Group Vice Presidents, Sheila has left an indelible mark on every project she’s been a part of.  Her work revolves around people, their environment, and the role design can play in bettering people’s lives.

Outside of the office, Sheila is …