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Communicating Across Remote Workplaces

As many smaller to mid-size companies evolve into global organizations, the way we collaborate with one another also needs to evolve. We continue to see a plethora of technology based solutions being rolled out to enable more global collaboration. I personally rely heavily on the hardware, software, apps, and the ubiquitous 24/7 access to get the job done, whatever that job may be at any given time. But lately I’ve been working with more remote teammates and I realize that while we definitely have good technology to collaborate, we sometimes forget the human element to how we effectively communicate with one another. No matter how good your technology, the effectiveness of simple …

Two Towers of Dubai: a Time-lapse Video

Check out Philip Bloom’s beautiful time-lapse video featuring the two iconic towers of Dubai: the Burj Al Arab and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa:

Read about the video on Philip’s blog.

TEDx Atlanta – Michael Ouweleen

On your lunch today, check out this talk from Michael Ouweleen from Cartoon Network. Hilarious guy with a lot of great things to say about creativity (without boring you). :)


Best of Work+Place (Episode XII)


It’s the middle of October and we’re gearing up for Halloween, so seems like a good time to share some Work+Place fun. 

  • Video FunGerald shares some most excellent workplace videos to help get you through the day (at least you don’t sit by Dwight Schrute).
  • Work+Pranks – sometimes you just need to pull a prank on a coworker. 
  • Perks.  Who doesn’t like perks in the office?  Mike shares some of his favorites. 

Check back soon for Episode XIII!

Daphne’s Big Break

These days, it isn’t easy to land a job interview. But Daphne O’Leary recently broke through the clutter to score an important meeting with HOK Alaska HR Manager Rob Pilkington.

See how Daphne fares in this dramatic depiction of her interview experience.

Any similarities to actual individuals – real or imagined – are purely intentional.
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Aflac ’10 Seconds Challenge’..

YouTube Preview Image

Hey Everyone,

Check out entries from Aflac’s ’10 Seconds Challenge’ and vote for your favorite. I’ve got some friends who have entered here and I think you should vote for them  because they are awesome. VOTE HERE!

Check out the new Jean Canfield video!

Preferred_ Canfield_dusk

The Jean Canfield Government of Canada Building, designed by HOK in joint venture with Bergmark Guimond Hammarlund Jones in PEI, delivers on the federal government’s pledge to embrace new technologies, methodologies, partners, and means of delivering service to Canadians. Thoughtfully planned, the JC building has revitalized an underused neighbourhood, uses design to reflect the local flavour of the community, encourages employees and residents alike to use the space and sets the standard for environmentally-progressive government buildings.

The following video explores how the design team successfully met the federal government’s objectives of sustainability, supportive work environments, and connectivity, and highlights HOK’s integrated design approach to the project.

Click to

The Aha! Blooper Reel

Like any cinematic production, our video experiment at Greenbuild ’09 elicited a fair share of blooper moments. We’ve compiled a few outtakes and humorous quips below.
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Check out a complete selection of Green Aha! moments on YouTube and Life at HOK.

Graphic Skills

Wow. I am sorry. Looks like I went missing for awhile there.  It’s a long sordid tale of pirates and space travel and problem-solving and saving small children from hungry giants, which I’ll get into at a later date.

In the meantime, check out this video I’m currently obsessed with. It’s of a fantastic song called Two Weeks by the band Grizzly Bear.  The graphics are ridiculous (I’m about as jealous of this Gabe character’s skills as I am of the renderers here in our DC office) — make sure you make it to minute 3:35.  Enjoy!

(thanks to for alerting me of this rad vid)

The Credit Crisis Visualized

I was so inspired by the popularity of visualizations of economic madness, inspired by Jodi, of course, that I decided to post up something that is nothing less than awesome. It’s an 11 min. video visualization by Jonathan Jarvis explaining how this mess came to be. We are already ‘knee-deep’ but NOW I understand!!


via Simplicity/Complexity


Came across this amazing video from diagonal-view recently. Great video site with lots of cool random inventions, from underwater motorbikes, weird umbrella, air-conditioned jacket to world’s fastest office.

Inside the Designer’s Studio 21:
Nicola Greenaway – Singapore

Nicola Greenaway, a director in HOK’s LEED-certified Singapore office, grew up in New Zealand and also has worked in the London and Hong Kong studios. She better not move again soon — her mother finally knows exactly what she does!

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What was the first building you noticed?

HOK Toronto design architect Todd Macyk thinks back to his first time: a Brutalist concrete block building in Saskatoon. “I was intrigued by my revulsion for it,” says Todd. 

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Why did you want to work here?

Flickr Video

That’s Joshua Bridie, a senior interior designer in HOK’s San Francisco office.

Inside the Designer’s Studio 16:
Riccardo Mascia – Los Angeles

Riccardo Mascia talks about sustainable design as a common value that binds all of HOK. “We’re going to leave all these buildings and this environment to the next generation and it would be unconscionable of us to think otherwise.”

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‘Sabotage’ – A building Permitting process.

YouTube Preview Image

So this is one of the best things I’ve seen of 2008. A couple of architects in the HOK Atlanta office, Scott Fleming and David Nilsson made a video a couple years ago and just decided to show it two me a few days ago. The gaul!! These guys were totally holding back on me, but kudos for this unbelivable spoof of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video.

Here is the description Scott gave of the whole purpose;

After years of boring power point presentations at our company retreats we decided to do something a bit more creative. The presentations were supposed to be informative and discuss what was going on in the studio. The following video tracks my struggles to get

Christmas Interrupted

“This holiday season it’s all about the bling!”

It’s the most-dreaded season of the year for creative agencies: Yep, it’s Holiday Card Time.  Watch what happened at AKQA NY.

Inside the Designer’s Studio 12:
Toby Bath – Hong Kong

Toby Bath is managing director of HOK’s Asia-Pacific practice. In these clips Toby talks about connectivity driven by density and the emergence of sustainable design in Asia-Pacific.

Flickr Video Flickr Video

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Inside the Designer’s Studio 11:
Todd Macyk – Toronto

Life at HOK blogger Todd Macyk is a senior design architect in HOK’s Toronto studio. His practice and style are heavily influenced by his background in the visual arts, which includes studying sculpture and photography.

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Hello! I’m very happy!! This is my first post on the HOK LIFE BLOG and I want to say hi to all of you from the Singapore HOK Office!!!

In my first post I want to share a classic video with all of you! It is from the Eames office, done some decades ago, for sure a lot of you know it already… but still,whenever I watch it feel amazed by the power of those CEROS one after the other.

From the universe to the electron… does it matter really? What role do we play in this world? What are we doing here? And again… Does it really matter???

I think the power of this video is that it shows you how to relativize everything… cause …

Inside the Designer’s Studio 7:
Bill Hellmuth – Washington, DC

Yiselle posted on her DC colleague Bill Hellmuth yesterday, so it seems like a good time to bring to life HOK’s president here with a new edition of Inside the Designer’s Studio.

Bill believes HOK is just beginning to scratch the surface of its possibilities:

Flickr Video

In this clip he touches on a theme from the Washington Business Journal story – working locally and internationally:

Flickr Video

Here Bill points out that no other firm has such a wide range of project types:

Flickr Video

And then Bill talks about one of those current projects – OQYANA World First, a fully master-planned elite island community development off the coast of Dubai:

Flickr Video

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2001 a Fax Machine

With HOK Chicago’s move just one month away, we’re doing a lot of housekeeping and purging around the office. Although the yellow hue that permeates the plastic of our old fax machine belies the many good times that we shared over the past 12 years, we just don’t think the old girl is gonna make the trip with us to the new space. A tribute video is definitely called for. Enjoy. (Thank you Brandon Wojcik for filming and editing – after work hours).

Flickr Video

The Cranky Flier Previews the New Indianapolis Airport Terminal

A blogger known as “The Cranky Flier” shot photos and video of the new Indianapolis International Airport terminal designed by HOK. The terminal welcomed its first arrival last night and today is the first full day of operations. Take a look at Cranky’s lens work.

Flickr Video

Inside the Designer’s Studio 6:
Paul Woolford – San Francisco

HOK San Francisco Design Director Paul Woolford on getting paid to play and ideas that last!

Flickr Video Flickr Video

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Inside the Designer’s Studio 5:
Pam Light – Los Angeles

I could listen to Pam talk all day (and I think I did when editing her interview!). Here she describes how her interior design teams marry an organization’s culture with its needs to create an experience.

Flickr Video

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The Big Idea and Sustainable Design for the New Indianapolis Airport Terminal

The new Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport will open on November 11, just in time for the holiday travel season!

It’s always fascinating to listen to designers describe their ‘Eureka!’ moments. HOK’s lead designer for the terminal was Ripley Rasmus in the St. Louis office. Here, Ripley remembers how he conceived the “big idea” for this striking building, which the design team began working on back in 2002:

Flickr Video

This is the “Civic Plaza” that Ripley talks about in the video clip:

Photo by Sam Fentress

Ripley describes this great civic space, 200 feet in diameter, as “the threshold to Indianapolis. It is devised to move people and as a stage set that allows Indianapolis and …

Halloween in Tampa

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Service project work reaches Indonesia

YouTube Preview Image

Go to Indonesia with HOK Singapore…check out this very cool video documentary of the Singpaore office’s service project with Habitat for Humanity in Batam, Indonesia, July 2008.

Inside the Designer’s Studio 2:
Larry Malcic – London

HOK London’s poetic and professorial design director on designing the future:

Flickr Video

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Embarrassing Moments – 1

Megan Holder helped organize a team building event for the Atlanta Planning Group at Glenwood Park. Though it rained and we could not take a walk around the development, we had a great lunch at Vickery’s. At Vickery’s we were asked to talk about one professionally embarrassing moment. Conveniently, the battery ran out after Monte’s turn. This is the first one with Matt Friesen.

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